Marie Werner


Full Name: Marie Werner Schreiner

Parents: Mathias Werner & Magdalena Heinen

Birth: March 9, 1821, Flaxweiler, Luxemburg

Marriage: Peter Schreiner, January 17, 1849 in Godbrange, Junglinster, Luxembourg

Death: October 12, 1868, in Godbrange, Junglinster, Luxemburg


  • Anna Marie, b. 01/22/1849
  • Nicolas, b. 08/02/1850, d. 06/15/1917
  • Marie Catherine, b. 08/05/1852
  • Theodore, b. 02/24/1857
  • Magdalena, b. 03/26/1860, m. 01/13/1879 (John Reuter), d. 07/09/1950


Family Tree:

Werner Family History


The last known location of the Schreiner/Werner family prior to immigration was in Godbrange, commune of Junglinster, in Luxembourg. The Schreiner family had lived in Godbrange and Flaxweiler. The Werner family lived Flaxweiler, with earlier generations in Mensdorf.

The map on the left below is the country of Luxembourg. The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Schreiner and Werner families originated in Luxembourg. (Click on image for larger view.)


Marie Werner

Marie Werner was born on March 9, 1821 in Flaxweiler, Luxemburg. Her parents were Mathias Werner and Magdalena Heinen.

The first Luxemburg census available, from 1843, shows the following family in Flaxweiler, Luxemburg:

  • Werner Mathias, age 67
  • Hechnen Madelaine, age 57
  • Werner Marie, age 25

The 1846 census lists the following:

  • Werner Mathias, born 20 Feb 1768, Mensdorff
  • Henen Magdalaine, born 20 Feb 1772, Flaxweiler
  • Werner Marie, born 10 Mar 1818, Flaxweiler
  • Werner Marie, born 5 Mar 1820, Flaxweiler

The 1847 Census was similar, with some differences in ages: Mathias, 73; Madelaine Heinen, 76; Marie, 29, Marie 26

On January 17, 1849, Pierre Schreiner of Godbrange, son of Johann Schreiner and Elisabeth Meysenbourg, married Marie Werner of Flaxweiler, daughter of Mathias Werner and Magdalena Heinen, in Godbrange, Luxemburg.

The 1849 census lists Pierre, Marie and family:

  • Schreiner Pierre, born 1815, Godbrange
  • Werner Marie, born 1820, Flaxweiler
  • Schreiner Marie, born 2 Apr 1849, Godbrange

The 1851 census lists a son, Nicolas. The 1852 census adds a daughter, Nannette. The 1855 census changes the name of the younger daughter to Catherine. And the 1858 census includes a second son, Thedor.

The 1861 census for shows the full Schreiner family:

  • Schreiner Pierre, age 43 years, 6 months
  • Schreiner Marie nee Werner, age 42 years, 4 months
  • Schreiner Nicolas, age 10 years
  • Schreiner Theodore, age 5 years
  • Schreiner Marie, age 13 years
  • Schreiner Catherine, age 8 years
  • Schreiner Madelaine, age 1 year, 11 months

The census records continue every three years or so, with children moving away as they get older.

The 1875 census for Luxemburg has only Peter, born in 1825 and Magdalena born in 1858. Marie Schreiner nee Werner died in 1868.

Marie Werner, wife of Petrus Schneider, died October 12, 1868 in Godbrange. She was born in Flaxweiler, to Mathias Werner and Magdalena Heynen. She was 52 years old.

Mathias Werner and Magdalena Heinen

No marriage record for Mathias and Magdalena has been found.

The Luxemburg census information for 1843, 1846 and 1847 is noted above.

While the 1849 Census is missing one of the Marie's since she married Pierre Schreiner, the other was still living with her parents.

  • Werner Mathias, born 24 Feb 1782
  • Hein Magdlaine, born 4 Mar 1794
  • Werner Marie, born 3 Mar 1824

The 1851 Census shows that the younger Maria Werner is now married, with her husband living in the same house. Her husband is Michel Schreiner, younger brother of Pierre Schreiner. The same was reorded in 1852 Census, but Michel and Marie had a daughter.

The 1855 Census includes the Michel Schreiner family, with Madelaine Heynen living with them.

Mathias Werner was born in Mensdorff, Luxemburg, between 1768 and 1784. He died in Flaxweiler on September 24, 1854. He was 70 years old.

Magdalaine Heinen was born in Flaxweiler, Luxembourg, between 1772 and 1794. She died in Flaxweiler on November 4, 1856. She was 70 years old.