Magdalena Schreiner


Full Name: Magdalena Josephine Schreiner Reuter

Parents: Peter Schreiner & Marie Werner

Birth: March 26, 1860, Godbrange, Junglinster, Luxembourg

Marriage: John Reuter, 01/13/1879, Dubuque, Dubuque County, Iowa

Death: July 9, 1950, Dubuque, Dubuque County, Iowa


  • Peter John, b. 06/10/1882, d. 02/15/1963
  • Marie, b. 09/10/1883, d.09/27/1955
  • Anton Charles, b. 02/23/1885, m. 06/09/1909 (Anna Nemmers), d. 01/06/1977
  • John Henry, b. 09/30/1886, d. 05/13/1954
  • Frank Nick, b. 04/26/1889, d. 04/22/1961
  • Barbara M., b. 06/23/1890, d. 10/19/1918
  • Margaret Veronica, b. 07/09/1891, d. 12/10/1988
  • Catherine Edith, b. 08/06/1892, d. 10/15/1985
  • Arthur Joseph, b. 10/04/1893, d. 02/02/1973
  • William Aloysius, b. 11/15/1897, d. 02/17/1992


Life story:

Magdalena Josephine Schreiner Reuter

The US information begins with the January 13, 1880 marriage record in Dubuque, Iowa, of John A. Reuter, 24 years old, to "Josaphine Schrinar", 18 years old. The June 1880 US census for Julien Township, Dubuque County, Iowa shows John A. Reuter, 24, and Josephine, 19, both from Luxemburg.

The 1900 US Census for Julien Township, Dubuque County, Iowa shows John Reuter, born Sept 1855, age 44, and his wife, Magdalena, born May 1860, age 40, as being married for 20 years. Magdalena is listed as being the mother of 18 children, 10 of whom are still living. Per the record, John immigrated in 1865, while Magdalena immigrated in 1876. John is a blacksmith, and both can read, write and speak English.

This is consistent with subsequent census records, with the slight name change to "Madeline" and year of immigration as 1877. No immigration or naturalization records have been found yet.

The Reuter tombstone shows Magdelena, 1860-1950, and John A., 1855-1940. An obituary for Magdalena was published in Dubuque's The Telegraph Herald on July 10, 1950, page 12. Magdalena died the day before, on July 9, 1950.

A death record for Magdalena to show her parent's info has not yet been found, however online sources show her parents were Peter Schreiner and Marie Werner.

Luxemburg information on the Schreiner family is found in the canton of Junglinster records, town of Godbrange (or Godbringen), despite Magdalena's obituary stating she came from Gopring, Luxemburg (there is no evidence that "Gopring" is a town, village, canton or other location in Luxemburg).

A birth record for "Josephine Schreiner de Godbringen" for 26 Mar 1860 shows her parents as Pierre Schreiner and Maria Werner.

The 1861 census for Junglinster, Luxemburg shows the following family:

  • Schreiner Pierre, age 43 years, 6 months
  • Schreiner Marie nee Werner, age 42 years, 4 months
  • Schreiner Nicolas, age 10 years
  • Schreiner Theodore, age 5 years
  • Schreiner Marie, age 13 years
  • Schreiner Catherine, age 8 years
  • Schreiner Madelaine, age 1 year, 11 months

The 1864 census for Luxemburg is similar, but Madelaine is now Matille.

The 1867 census for Luxemburg is again similar, but it lists two Cathrina's, ages 14 and 7. The 2nd Cathrina listed likely is Magdalena.

The 1875 census for Luxemburg has only Peter, born in 1825 and Magdalina born in 1858. Marie Schreiner nee Werner died in 1868, in Luxemburg. Peter then died in 1884 in Luxemburg, well after Magdalena immigrated about 1876 or 1877 (per census records).

At this point, it is unknown why Magdalena immigrated, or if she immigrated on her own or with other family members.

Magdalena's obituary states she was preceeded in death by a brother and two sisters, but there is no mention of being survived by one brother.