John Reuter


Full Name: John Reuter

Parents: Johann Reuter and Anna Maria Koelfgen

Birth: December 3, 1828, Moutfort, Contern, Luxembourg

Marriage: Margaret Metzler, December 26, 1854, Moutfort, Contern, Luxembourg

Death: May 3, 1904, Bellevue, Jackson County, Iowa


  • John Anton, b. 09/26/1855, m. 01/13/1879 (Magdeline Schreiner), d. 11/09/1940
  • Susanne, b. 12/17/1856, d. 02/02/1857
  • Thersa Anna, b. 01/26/1858, d. 03/10/1940
  • John Michael, b. 06/01/1860, d. 05/17/1940
  • Frances A., b. 02/01/1863, d. 12/11/1940
  • Nicholas J., b. 02/01/1865, d. 05/25/1932
  • Barbara, b. 09/13/1867, d. 10/26/1949
  • John B., b. 01/17/1868, d. 12/06/1954
  • Francis, b. 03/30/1869, d. 01/12/1958
  • Joseph, b. 02/26/1871, d. 07/17/1942
  • Margaret, b. 1873, d. 10/01/1913
  • Mary Frances, b. 12/13/1876, d. 04/24/1971


Family Tree:

Reuter Family History


The last known location of the Reuter/Metzler family prior to immigration was in Moutfort, commune of Contern, district of Luxembourg, in Luxembourg. The Reuter family had lived in Moutfort and Gondelange, canton of Remich in the district of Grevenmacher. The Metzler family lived on the west side of Luxembourg City, in Cessange and Hollerich. Earlier Metzler generations lived south/southwest of Luxembourg City in Esch-sur-Alzette and Dudelange, Luxembourg, and in Zouftgen, France.

The map on the left below is the country of Luxembourg. The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Reuter family originated in Luxembourg. (Click on image for larger view.)


The search for Reuter family history begins with the Certificate of Death for John Anton Reuter. John Anton Reuter, a blacksmith in the railroad industry, died on November 9, 1940 in Dubuque, IA. He was 85 years and 16 days old, born on September 23, 1855 in Moutfort, Luxemburg, and had lived in the community for 75 years. His wife was Madeline Schreiner; she was still living and 80 years old. John's father was John Reuter, born in Luxemburg, and his mother was Margaret Metzler, born in Luxemburg as well.

The first census available after 1855 in Luxemburg was in 1858. This census, for the "Commune" of Contern and the "Section" of Mutfort shows the following:

  • Jean Reuter, Carpenter, age 30 years, married
  • Margarite Reuter nie Metzler, age 26 years, 6 months, married
  • Jean Reuter, age 3 years, 2 months
  • Anna Reuter, age 10 months
  • Jean Reuter, age 62 years, 4 months, widower

Searching additional records, Jean Reuter's birth record shows he was born on September 24, 1855, in Moutfort, Contern, Luxemburg. His father was Jean Reuter and mother Marguerite Metzler.

The 1861 Census of Moutfort, Contern, Luxemburg, lists the family of Jean Reuter, age 66, widower, Jean Reuter, age 34, wife Marguerite Reuter nee Metzler, age 30, with children Jean Reuter, age 6, Anne Reuter, age 3 and Michel Reuter, age 1 year, 5 months. This is similar in the 1858 census, except without the youngest child.

The 1852 Census of Moutfort, Contern, Luxemburg, lists the following family:

  • Jean Reuter, Carpenter, age 55, married
  • Marie Reuter nee Koelfgen, age 53
  • Jean Reuter, age 23
  • Anne Reuter, age 19
  • Madelaine Reuter, age 16
  • Jean Baptiste Reuter, age 15
  • Francoise Reuter, age 10
  • Anne Reuter, age 48

And the 1843 Census of Mutfort, Contern, Luxemburg, lists the following family:

  • Jean Reuter, Carpenter, age 43, born in Grevenmacher, married
  • Marie Koelfgen, age 43, born in Moutfort, married
  • Jean Reuter, age 15, born in Moutfort
  • Anne Reuter, age 11
  • Anne Reuter, age 9
  • Madelaine Reuter, age 7
  • Jean Baptiste Reuter, age 3
  • Francoise Reuter, born in 1842
  • Claire Welfringer, age 72, born in Grevenmacher, widow

Jean (John) Reuter

As noted above, Jean Reuter was born December 03, 1828 in Moutfort, Contern, Luxemburg. His parents were Jean Reuter and Maria Koelfgen.

Jean married Margaretha Metzler on December 26, 1854 in Contern, Luxemburg. Jean was the son of Jean Reuter and Maria Koelfgen.

John died May 03, 1904 in Bellevue, Jackson Couty, IA.

John's Parents:

Jean (Johannes) Reuter and Anne Marie Koelfgen

Jean Reyter was born on March 5, 1799 in Moutfort. His parents were Jacques Reuter and Clara Welfering.

Anne Marie Koelfgen was born on the 23rd day of Frimaire in year 9 of the Republican calendar (December 14, 1800). Her parents were Nicolas Koelfgen and Anne Marie Mousel.

Johannes Reuter, son of Jacob Reuter and Kleer (Claire) Welfringer, living in Moutfort but born in Grevenmacher, Luxemburg, married Anne Marie Koelfgen, daughter of Nicolaus Koelfgen and Marie Mousel, of Moutfort, Luxemburg, in Contern, Luxemburg, on January 8, 1828.

Children of Jean and Anne Marie:

  • Jean Reuter, b. 3 Dec 1828
  • Anne Reuter, b. 28 Feb 1832
  • Anne Reuter, b. 21 Jan 1834
  • Elena Reuter, b. 20 Aug 1836 (Madelaine)
  • Jean Baptiste Reuter, b. 20 Jun 1839
  • Franziska Reuter, b. 20 Aug 1842

Marie Koelfgen died on December 15, 1859 in Moutfort. She was married to Jean Reuter.

Jean Reuter died on January 20, 1867 in Moutfort. He was the widower of Marie Koelfgen.

John's Grandparents:

Jacob Reuter and Claire Welfringer

Jacobus Reuter was born in Gondelingen on September 15, 1757. His parents were Cornelii Reuter and An Francisca Hensgen.

No birth record for Clara Welfringer has been found.

In year three of the Republique on the 19th day of the month of Frimaire (December 28, 1793), Jacobus Reuter, age 38, married Clara Welfringer, a minor.

Children of Jacob and Claire:

  • Francisca Reuter, b. 11 Nov 1794
  • Marie Magdeline Reiter, b. 8 Jan 1798 (19 Nicose an 6)
  • Jean Reyter, b. 5 Mar 1799 (15 Ventose an 7)
  • Anna Reuter, b. 26 Nov 1804
  • Marie Reuter, b. 25 Aug 1807
  • Helena Reuter, b. 16 Oct 1808
  • Catharina Reuter, b. 20 Aug 1811

Jacques Reuter died on January 13, 1814 in Moutfort. He was 46 years old. His wife was Clarae Welfringer.

Claire Welfringer died on May 3, 1845 in Moutfort. She was 73 years old, and she was the widow of Jacques Reuter.

Nicolas Koelfgen and Anne Marie Mousel

Nicolaus Kolffgen was born in Moutfort on April 28, 1756. His parents were Joannis Kolffgen and Elisabetha Medernach.

Anna Maria Mosel was born in Moutfort on July 18, 1761. Her parents were Nicolai Mosel and Anna Fox.

On January 11, 1790, Nicolaum Koelfgen, son of the deceased Jois Koelfgen and Elisabetha Medernach of Moutfort, married Mariam Musel, daughter of the deceased Nicolai Musel and the deceased Anna Fox from Moutfort.

Children of Nicolas and Marie:

  • Catharina Koelfgen, b. 6 Dec 1791
  • Jacobus Koelfgen, b. 14 Jun 1794
  • Joannes Koelfgen, b. 7 Aug 1795
  • Margaretha Koelfgen, b. 31 Mar 1797
  • Anne Koelfgen, b. 17 Dec 1798
  • Anna Maria Koelfgen, b. 11 Dec 1800
  • Margaretha Koelfgen, b. 27 Jun 1802
  • Catharina Koelfgen, b. 4 Jul 1804
  • Susanna Koelfgen, b. 11 Jul 1807

Nicolas Koelfgen died on August 29, 1827 in Mourfort. He was 65 years old. His wife was Anne Marie Mousel.

Anne Marie Mousel died on October 23, 1833 in Moutfort. She was 72 years old, and she was the widow of Nicolas Koelfgen.

John's Great Grandparents:

Cornelius Reuter and Anna Hensgen

On May 3, 1751 in Molendinum Gondelinganum, Cornelius Reuter from Erpeldingen near Remich, son of the decesased Cornelii Reuter, married Anna Francisca Hensgen, daughter of Joannis Hensgen and Eva Plenes.

Children of Cornelius and Anna Francisca:

  • Anna Francisca Reuter, b. 16 Jan 1752, m. Apr 1773 to Petrus Fohl
  • Philippus Jacobus Reuter, b. 4 Nov 1754
  • Jacobus Reuter, b. 15 Sep 1757, m. 28 Dec 1793 to Claram Wellfringer
  • Joannes Baptista Reuter, b. 4 Dec 1758
  • Anna Sophia Reuter, b. 20 Aug 1761, m. 7 Jan 1782 to Joannes Mathias Schumacher
  • Anna Catharina Reuter, b. 16 Jan 1764
  • Philippus Jacobus Reuter, b. 4 Jun 1766
  • Michael Reuter, b. 7 Jun 1768
  • Anna Maria Reuter, b. 14 May 1771
  • Joannes Reuter, b. 23 Feb 1775

Cornelius Reuter died January 28, 1780 in Waldbredimus.

Francisca Hensgen, widow of Cornelii Reuter, died on April 27, 1793 in Molendino, Gondelingen.


No information on Clara Welfringer's parents has been located.

Jois Koelfgen and Elisabetha Medernach of Moutfort

Elisabetha Medernach was born on March 10, 1733 in Moutfort. Her parents were Nicolai Medernach and Eva.

Children of Jois and Elisabetha:

  • Jacobus Kolffgen, b. 9 May 1751
  • Joes Kolffgen, b. 21 Jan 1754
  • Nicolaus Kolffgen, b. 28 Apr 1756
  • Michael Kolffgen, b. 15 Jul 1757
  • Paulus Kolffgen, b. 5 Apr 1760
  • Joannes Kolffgen, b. 17 Jun 1761
  • Nicolaus Kolffgen, b. 15 May 1763
  • Eva Kolffgen, b. 13 Oct 1765

Elisabetha Medernach died October 3, 1792 in Moutfort. She was the widow of Jois Koelfgen.

Nicolaus Mosel and Anna Fox of Moutfort

Nicolaus Mousel was born on October 20, 1727 in Moutfort. He was the son of Nicolaus Mousel and Maria Elisabeth. (Nicolaus Mousel married Maria Elisabeth Altenhoven on Feburary 2, 1723.)

Children of Nicolaus and Anna:

  • Joes Mosel, b. 21 Feb 1754
  • Nicolaus Mosel, b. 6 Sep 1755
  • Mathias Mosel, b. 10 Apr 1757
  • Anna Maria Mosel, b. 18 Jul 1761

Nicolaus Musel died January 19, 1794 in Moutfort. He was in his 70s.