Margaret Metzler


Full Name: Margaret Metzler Reuter

Parents: Jean Metzler and Anna Wohner

Birth: June 25, 1832, Moutfort, Contern, Luxembourg

Marriage: John Reuter, December 26, 1854, Moutfort, Contern, Luxembourg

Death: December 17, 1910, Dubuque, Dubuque County, Iowa


  • John Anton, b. 09/26/1855, m. 01/13/1879 (Magdeline Schreiner), d. 11/09/1940
  • Susanne, b. 12/17/1856, d. 02/02/1857
  • Thersa Anna, b. 01/26/1858, d. 03/10/1940
  • John Michael, b. 06/01/1860, d. 05/17/1940
  • Frances A., b. 02/01/1863, d. 12/11/1940
  • Nicholas J., b. 02/01/1865, d. 05/25/1932
  • Barbara, b. 09/13/1867, d. 10/26/1949
  • John B., b. 01/17/1868, d. 12/06/1954
  • Francis, b. 03/30/1869, d. 01/12/1958
  • Joseph, b. 02/26/1871, d. 07/17/1942
  • Margaret, b. 1873, d. 10/01/1913
  • Mary Frances, b. 12/13/1876, d. 04/24/1971


Family Tree:

Metzler Family History


The last known location of the Reuter/Metzler family prior to immigration was in Moutfort, commune of Contern, district of Luxembourg, in Luxembourg. The Reuter family had lived in Moutfort and Gondelange, canton of Remich in the district of Grevenmacher. The Metzler family lived on the west side of Luxembourg City, in Cessange and Hollerich. Earlier Metzler generations lived south/southwest of Luxembourg City in Esch-sur-Alzette and Dudelange, Luxembourg, and in Zouftgen, France.

The map on the left below is the country of Luxembourg. The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Metzler family originated in Luxembourg. (Click on image for larger view.)


The 1854 marriage record of Margaretha Metzler to Jean Reuter showed that Margaretha was born in Cessigen, Hollerich, Luxemburg and that she was 22 years old.

The 1843 census for Hollerich, Luxemburg showed the following family:

  • Jean Metzler, age 56 born in Cessingen
  • Margueritha Wohner, age 57 born in Dudelange
  • Francois Metzler, age 26 born in Cessingen
  • Susanne Metzler, age 24 born in Cessingen
  • Margueritha Metzler, age 12, born in Cessingen

Likewise the 1846 census for Hollerich showed the following family, which shows that Francois is now married to Anne Weis:

  • Jean Metzler, age 52
  • Anne Marg Wohner, age 48
  • Susanne Metzler, age 30
  • Marguerite Metzler, age 15
  • Francois Metzler, age 32
  • Anne Weis, age 28

And then the 1852 census for Hollerich showed the following family, which shows that Francois and Anne Weis having two daughter, Susanne and Margrith:

  • Jean Metzler, age 64
  • Margritha Wohner, age 66
  • Francois Metzler, age 35
  • Anne Weis, age 34
  • Margrith Metzler, age 20
  • Susanne Metzler, age 3
  • Margrith Metzler, age 2

Margaret's Parents

Jean Metzler and Anne Marguerite Wohner

Jean Metzler was bon on March 20, 1789 in Cessigen, Hollerich, Luxemburg.

Anne Margaretha Wohner was born on April 22, 1787 in Dudelange, Luxemburg.

Jean Metzler, son of Jean Metzler and Catherine Hippert of Cessigen, Luxemburg, married Anna Marguerite Wohner, daughter of Conrad Wohner and Maria Textor of Dudelange, Luxemburg, on February 6, 1815.

Jean and Anne had the following children:

  • Metzler Elisabetha b. 24 Dec 1815, d. 22 Oct 1830
  • Metzler Francois b. 21 Oct 1817
  • Metzler Susanne b. 19 Feb 1819
  • Metzler Petrus b. 29 Jan 1823, d. 19 Feb 1831
  • Metzler Jean b. 9 Mar 1825, d. 17 Jan 1832
  • Metzler Nicolas b. 16 Aug 1827, d. 21 Jan 1829
  • Metzler Margaretha b. 26 Jun 1832

Anne Margaretha Wohner died on March 2, 1855 in Cessigen.

Jean died on May 22, 1866 in Hollerich.

Margaret's Grandparents

Jean Metzler and Catherina Hippert

Jean Metzler was born in Esch-Alzette, Luxemburg in 1757. He was the son of Petrus Hetzler and Catharina Rollinger.

Catharina Hippert was born in Hollerich, Luxemburg in 1757. She was the daughter of Nicolas Hippert and Margaretha Everling.

Jean Metzler married Catharina Hippert in Hollerich, Luxemburg on February 19, 1787.

Catharina Hippert died October 22, 1814 in Hollerich.

Jean Metzler died January 22, 1824 in Hollerich.

Conrad Everhardus Wohner and Maria Textor

Conrad Wohner was born in Zouftgen, Luxemburg in 1755. He was the son of Johannes Wagener and Angela Belfor.

Maria Textor was born in Dudelange, Luxemburg in 1757. She was the daughter of Dominicus Textor and Margaretha Krier.

Everhardus Wohner died on December 11, 1810 in Dudelange.

Maria Textor died on April 6, 1837 in Dudelange.

Margaret's Great-grandparents

Petrus Metzler and Catharina Rollinger

Petrus Metzler, son of Paulus Metzler and Marie Biesdorf, married Catharina Rollinger, daughter of Antoine Rollinger and Catherine Borett, on January 30, 1766 in Hollerich Luxemburg.

Nicolas Hippert and Margaretha Everling

Nicolas Hippert, son of Jean Hippert and Catherine Theis, married Margaretha Everling, daughter of Nicolas Everling and Elisabeth Lambert, on September 25, 1757 in Hollerich Luxemburg.