Margaretha Reuter


Full Name: Margaretha Reuter

Parents: Nicholaus Reuter and Catharina Linden

Birth: August 8, 1791, Waldbillig, Echternach, Luxembourg

Marriage: Jacques Jungels, March 5, 1810, Waldbillig, Echternach, Luxembourg

Death: January 4, 1866, Waldbillig, Echternach, Luxembourg


  • Nicolas, b. 06/28/1811, m. (Maria Girst), d. 04/28/1863
  • Anna Maria, b. 11/1813
  • Jean, b. 02/03/1816, d. 02/18/1817
  • Nicolas, b. 08/10/1818, d. 03/03/1822
  • Jacques, b. 12/16/1821
  • Anna, b. 10/09/1824
  • Agnese, b. 03/14/1827
  • Margaretha, b. 07/14/1834, d. 08/04/1834
  • Jean, b. 10/25/1835, m. 01/22/1863 (Catharina Lutgen), d. 10/28/1905


Family Tree:

Reuter/Reiter History


The last known location of the Jungels/Reuter family prior to immigration was in the commune of Waldbillig, canton of Echternach, in Luxembourg. Prior to marriage, the Jungels family had lived in Wallendorf, about 8 miles north of Waldbillig on the border with Germany. The Reuter family originally had lived in the commune of Lintgen, canton of Mersch.

The map on the left below is the country of Luxembourg. The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Jungels and Reuter families originated in Luxembourg. (Click on image for larger view.)

Margaritha Reiter

Margaritha Reiter was born 8 Aug 1791 in Waldbillig, Echternach, Luxembourg. Her parents were Nicolai Reiter and Catharina Linden.

Margret Reiter married Jaques Jungels on 5 Mar, 1810, in Waldbillig. Her parents were listed as Nicolas Reiter and Catharin Lenden, from Waldbillig or Wallendorff. Jacob Jungels was from Wallendorf, Canton Vianden. His parents were Phillip Jungels and Maria Hesihet?

Margaretha Reuter died 4 Jan 1866 in Waldbillig, where her husband was listed as Jakob Jungels.


Nicolas Reyter & Catharina Linden

Nicolaus Reúter was born 1 Oct 1760 in Lintgen, Mersch, Luxembourg. His parents were Augustini Reúter and Catharina Schandel. One of his baptismal sponsors was Nicolas Schandel, of Lintgen as well.

Birth Record

Catharina Linden was born on 7 Nov 1765 in Waldbillig. Her parents were Valentin Linden and Elisabeth Velter.

Birth Record (faded text, bottom entry on left-hand page)

Nicolaus Reyter married Catharina, nie Maria, Linden on 4 Oct 1790 in Waldbillig. Nicolaus' parents were the deceased Augustini Reyter and Catharina (S)chandel of Lintgen. Catharina's parents were Valentini Linden and Elisabeta Velter from Waldbillig.

Marriage Record, Index

Nicolaus and Catharina had at least two children:
- Margaritha Reiter, b. 8 Aug 1791, Waldbillig
- Anna Maria Reiter, b. 12 Jun 1793, d. 21 Fructidor 1804, Waldbillig

Catharina died 19 May 1833 in Waldbillig.

Death Record

Nicolaus died 11 Feb 1835 in Waldbillig.

Death Record


Augustinus Reuter & Catharina Schandel

Augustinus was born 7 Feb 1727 in Lintgen. His parents were Jacobi Hoff and Catharina. It is believed "Hoff" was the name of the house where the Reuter's lived. The baptismal sponsors were Augustinus and Catharina Hanzen from Lintgen (Hanzen was the maiden name of his mother, so it's likely his sponsors were his grandparents or an aunt/uncle.)

Birth Record

Catharina was born 24 Mar 1734 in Lintgen Her parents were Remaeli Schandel "sive" Unbannel and Maria Francisca. (The word "sive" was used to indicate an alias or the name of the house where someone lived.) The baptismal sponsors were Joannes Esch and Catherina Reuter "sive" Hoff of Lintgen.

Birth Record

Augustinus Reuter married Catharina Schandel on 22 Jan 1758 in Lintgen. Augustinus' father was Jacobi Reuter of Lintgen. Catharina's father was Remeali Schandel, of Lintgen as well.

Marriage Record, Index

Children of Augustinus and Catharina born in Lintgen:

- Anna Margareta Reuter, b. 2 Nov 1758
- Nicolaus Reúter, b. 1 Oct 1760, d. 11 Feb 1835
- Joannes Reúter, b. 7 Aug 1762
- Anna Catharina Reúter, b. 9 Sep 1764, d. 21 Jun 1766
- Michael Reúter, b. 1 Nov 1766, d. 24 Feb 1767
- Maria Joanna Reúter, b. 28 Dec 1767
- Catharina Reúter, b. 18 May 1770

Augustinus Reuter died 28 Dec 1771 and was buried 29 Dec 1771, Lintgen. He was listed as 39 years old.

Death Record

Catharina Schandel, widow of Augustini Reuter, remarried on 6 Jan 1772 to

Nicolaus Schweich in Lingten.

Marriage Record, Index

At least one child was born to Nicolas and Catharina Schweich

- Anna Maria Schweich, b. 13 Mar 1773, d. 29 Aug 1775

Catharina Schandel, wife of Nicolai Schweich of Lintgen, died on 1 Mar 1785.

Death Record

Valentin Linden & Elisabeth Velter/Welter/Biltgen

On 14 Dec 1763, Valentin Linden, son of Henri Linden from Waldbillig, married a Elisabeth Biltgen, daughter of Nicolas Biltgen from Junglinster, in Waldbillig.

Marriage Record Index

Children of Valentin and Elisabeth include:

- Catharina Linden, b. 7 Nov 1765, d. 19 May 1833
- Pierre Linden
- Anne Marie Linden

It is unknown if there were more children.

Valentin Linden died 11 Dec 1809 in Waldbillig.

Death Record

Research is ongoing into the birth of Valentin, as well as the birth and death of Elisabeth. What is known is that Elisabetha was living at Catharina's wedding in 1790 but she had died before her son Pierre's wedding in 1804.


Jacob Reúter sive Hoff & Catharina Hanzen

Jacob Reuter sive Hoff and Catharina Hanzen, both of Lintgen, were married 20 Feb 1718.

Marriage Record, Index

Children of Jacob and Catharina born in Lintgen include the following:

- Jois Reúter Hoff, b. 22 Apr 1720
- Nicolaus Reúter sive Hoff, b. 14 Jan 1725 (Sponsor Catharina Hoff from Lintgen), d. 4 Feb 1775
- Augustinus Hoff, b. 7 Feb 1727 (Sponsor Catharina Hanzen from Lintgen)
- Anna Maria Hoff, b. 5 Jan 1732
- Catharina Reuter sive Hoff, b. 22 Mar 1735

Catharina, wife of Jacobi Reuter, died 2 Jul and was buried 3 Jul 1764 in Lintgen. She was 60 years old when she died.

Death Record

Jacobus Reuter died 10 Jan 1775 and was buried 11 Jan 1775, in Lintgen. He was 83 years old when he died.

Death Record

More research is needed to look into the births of Jacobus (~1692) and Catharina (~1704).

Ramaelus Schandel sive Urbans & Maria Francisca Schmitz

Ramaelus Schandel sive Urbannel, son of Urbani Schandel of Lintgen, and Francisca Schmitz, daughter of Jois and Susanna Schmitz of Lintgen, were married 26 Feb 1724 in Lintgen.

Marriage Record, Index

Children of Ramaelus and Maria Francisca born in Lintgen:

- Joannes Schandel, b. 31 Mar 1725 (Sponsor Elisabetha Schandel from Lintgen)
- Dominicus Schandel, b. 30 Jan 1729 (Sponsors Dominicus Schandel and Maria Schandel of Lintgen)
- Nicolaus Schandel, b. 28 Sep 1731 (Sponsors Nicolaus Schandel of Lintgen)
- Catharina Schandel, b. 24 Mar 1734 (Sponsor was Catharina Reuter sive Hoff from Lintgen)
- Petrus Schandel, b. 25 May 1736

On 5 Feb 1739 in Lintgen, Maria Francisca, the widow of Remaclus Schandel sive Urbans, was married to Mathias Emeringer of Gondringen.

Marriage Record, Index

One child of Mathias and Maria Francisca was born in Lintgen:

- Joannes Emeringer, b. 13 Aug 1742

Maria Francisca, wife of Mathias Emering, died 26 Sep 1764 in Lintgen and was buried the next day.

Death Record

Research is ongoing into the birth and death of Ramaelus (between 1736 and 1738), as well as the birth of Maria Francisca.