Jacques Jungels


Full Name: Jacques Jungels

Parents: Phillip Jungels and Maria Hietscheid

Birth: 1774, Wahlendorff, Luxembourg

Marriage: Margaretha Reuter, March 5, 1810, Waldbillig, Echternach, Luxembourg

Death: November 24, 1846, Waldbillig, Echternach, Luxembourg


  • Nicolas, b. 06/28/1811, m. (Maria Girst), d. 04/28/1863
  • Anna Maria, b. 11/1813
  • Jean, b. 02/03/1816, d. 02/18/1817
  • Nicolas, b. 08/10/1818, d. 03/03/1822
  • Jacques, b. 12/16/1821
  • Anna, b. 10/09/1824
  • Agnese, b. 03/14/1827
  • Margaretha, b. 07/14/1834, d. 08/04/1834
  • Jean, b. 10/25/1835, m. 01/22/1863 (Catharina Lutgen), d. 10/28/1905


Family Tree:

Jungels History


The last known location of the Jungels/Reuter family prior to immigration was in the commune of Waldbillig, canton of Echternach, in Luxembourg. Prior to marriage, the Jungels family had lived in Wallendorf, about 8 miles north of Waldbillig on the border with Germany. The Reuter family originally had lived in the commune of Lintgen, canton of Mersch.

The map on the left below is the country of Luxembourg. The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Jungels and Reuter families originated in Luxembourg. (Click on image for larger view.)


All that is known about the Jungels family is that Jacques' parents were Phillip Jungels and Maria Hietscheid, and that they were from Wallendorf or Wahlendorff Luxembourg.