Nicolaus Nemmers


Full Name: Nicolaus Nemmers

Parents: Jean-Nicolas Nemmers and Anna Maria Nesen

Birth: February 12, 1816, Luxembourg

Marriage: Maria Freimann, February 17, 1841, Kehlen, Luxembourg

Death: December 22, 1885, St. Donatus, Jackson County, Iowa


  • Catharine, b. 04/08/1842, d. 05/28/1910
  • Michael P, b. 10/31/1843, d. 03/24/1925
  • Nicholas D., b. 08/12/1845, d. 02/24/1882
  • Rev. John N., b. 10/16/1847, d. 09/07/1928
  • Charles, b. 10/14/1850, d. 06/05/1924
  • Sister M. Gedeona, b. 02/13/1852, d. 01/18/1919
  • Peter, b. 03/08/1854, m. 07/27/1881 (Margaret Kaiser), d. 12/06/1834
  • Susan, b. 02/23/1856, d. 12/26/1944
  • John Peter, b. 12/27/1857, d. 07/31/1894


Family Tree:

Nemmers Family History


The last known location of the Nemmers/Freimann family prior to immigration was in the commune of Kehlen, canton of Capellen, in Luxembourg. The Nemmers family had lived in Tuntange and Brouch. The Freimann family lived Kehlen, Olm, Mamer and Bertrange.

The map on the left below is the country of Luxembourg. The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Nemmers and Freimann families originated in Luxembourg. (Click on image for larger view.)


Information on NEMMERS in Luxembourg records reveals that the surname was once spelled NIEUMERS, NEUMERS, NEUNER, and NIUNERS in earlier generations before it came to be spelled NEMMERS. The earliest ancestor located to date is Jean NIEUMERS. The NIEUMERS family was living in Brouch (French spelling; German spelling is Buschdorf), Luxembourg, circa 1700. From there the family spread to Tuntange (Tuntingen), Dondelange (Dondelingen), Nospelt, and Kehlen (Kellen).

French (Dondelange, Tuntange, Kehlen) and German (Dondelingen, Tuntingen, Kellen):

The oldest known Nemmers were Joannis and Elisabetha who were the parents of Petrus.

Joannis was listed with the surname "Niumers" in Petrus' baptismal record. He died on 6 Feb 1791 at the age of 81. His death record lists him as Joannes Nimmers.

No additional information on Elisabetha has been found, including her last name.

Death record for Joannes Nimmers, 6 Feb 1791, Tuntingen, Luxembourg

Records for four children of Joannis and Elisabetha have been identified:
i. Petrus Nemmers, baptized 6 Nov, 1737, Tuntange, Luxembourg; d. 1 Feb, 1783, Tuntanage, Luxembourg
ii. Anna Maria Nemmers, b. 13 Dec, 1739
iii. Carolus Nemmers, b. 16 Jan, 1741
iv. Joannis Nemmers, b. 2 Jul, 1742

Petrus Nemmers

Petrus was baptized on 6 Nov 1737. His age at baptism is not listed in the record. The record lists his parents as Joannis Niumers and Elisabetha, from Tintingen.

Baptism record for Petrus Niumers, 6 Nov 1737, Tuntingen, Luxembourg (entry26)

Records indicate Petrus (aka Pierre, Peter) was married three times. The marriage of most interest is his third, to Anna Maria Nesen. They were the parents of Jean-Nicolas, who eventually immigrated to the United States.

Marriage info for Petrus, and children:

Marriage #1 - (Maria) Barbara Malliet

    i. Maria Nemmers, b. 18 Nov 1761, Tuntange, Luxembourg
    ii. (Maria) Barbara Nemmers, b. 20 Mar, 1764, Tuntange, Luxembourg; d. 1853, Tuntange, Luxembourg; m. Nicolai Petri (they had at least 13 chilrden)
    iii. Joannis Bernardis Nemmers, b. 25 Feb, 1767, Tuntange, Luxembourg
Marriage #2 - Marguerite Kipsen (she died 23 Dec, 1781 in Tuntange, Luxembourg)
    iv. Catharina Nemmers, b. 11 Mar 1769, Tuntange, Luxembourg
    v. Nicolas Nemmers, b. 21 Aug, 1770, Tuntange, Luxembourg; d. 17 Jul, 1840, Dondelange, Luxembourg; m. Catherine Wewer; b. 30 Dec, 1759; d. 3 Feb, 1835, Dondelange, Luxembourg
    vi. Maria Nemmers, b. 24 Sep 1773, Tuntange, Luxembourg
    vii. Henri Nemmers, b. 17 Jun, 1775, Tuntange, Luxembourg; d. Feb 1835, Nospelt, Luxembourg; m. Marguerithe Peiffer, 24 Jan, 1807, Kehlen, Luxembourg; b. 13 Apr, 1787, Nospelt, Luxembourg (children Magdalena, b. 29 Jan 1809, Nospelt; and Egydius, b. 31 Mar 1810, Nospelt)
    viii. Margarethe Nemmers, b. 27 Jun, 1777, Tuntange, Luxembourg; m. Egide Peiffer, 24 Jan, 1807, Kehlen, Luxembourg
    ix. Rosa Nemmers, b. 18 Oct 1778, Tuntange, Luxembourg
    x. Susanna Nemmers, b. 25 Mar 1780, Tuntange, Luxembourg
Marriage #3 - Anne Marie Nesen/Neesen/Noesen/Niessen 4 Feb, 1782 in Tuntange, Luxembourg, daughter of Nicholas Niesen and Margaritha Mullhentgten (commune Brouch, parish of Buschdorf)
    xi. Jean-Nicolas Nemmers, b. 5 Mar, 1783; d. 7 Mar, 1857, St. Donatus, Iowa; m. Catharina Weber, 27 Nov, 1811, Kehlen, Luxembourg; b. 2 Feb, 1790, Dondelange, Luxembourg; d. 23/25 Mar, 1870/1876, St. Donatus, Iowa

Marriage record for Petrus Nemmers and Anna Maria Nesen, 4 Feb 1782, Tuntingen, Luxembourg


    On February 4, 1782, after three proclamations had been duly made, after no impediment had been brought forth, were united in holy matrimony Petrus (Peter) Nemmers, widower from Tuntingen (Tuntange) married Anna-Maria Nesen, legitimate daughter of Nicholaus Noesen and Margaritha Mullhentgten from Bruch before the witnesses Rev. Goedert, vicar in Tuntingen, and Carolus Reding from Hobscheid. To testify that this is so, they have undersigned this document with me; all could write with their own handwriting, except the spouse, who declared not to be able to write. In faith of which: signed J. N. Lieffering, pastor in Tuntingen.
    [Note: The above is a translation of the Latin record in the parish church of Tuntingen/Tuntange. This was Peter's third marriage, shortly after his second wife, Marguerite Kipsen--the mother of seven of his children--had died. Peter lived only a year after this third marriage to Anna-Maria Nesen. Their son Jean-Nicolas was born on 5 March 1783, a month after his father Peter's death.]

Petrus died on 1 Feb 1783, at the age of 46.

Death record for Joannes Nimmers, 6 Feb 1791, Tuntingen, Luxembourg


    On 1 Feb, 1783, around 4 p.m., died in communion with the Holy Roman Church, after having received the holy sacraments in due rites, Petrus (Peter) Nemmers from Tuntingen, aged 46 years. He was buried the following day in the parish cemetery. May he rest in peace. Amen. In Faith of which: signed J. N. Lieffering, pastor in Tuntingen.
    [Note: The above is a translation of the Latin record of the parish in Tuntingen.]

No additional information on Anna Maria Nesen has been found.

Joannes-Nicolas Nemmers

Joannes-Nicolas was baptized on 5 Mar 1783. The record lists his parents as Petri Nimmers and Anna Maria Neeson, from Tintingen. The 1843 Kehlen, Luxemburg census lists his birth as 28 Feb 1783. The 1846 Kehlen, Luxemburg census lists his birth as 2 Mar 1783.

Baptism record for Joannes-Nicolas Nimmers, 5 Mar 1783, Tuntingen, Luxembourg

Joannes-Nicolas and his half-brothers Nicolas and Henri moved from Tuntingen/Tuntange to Dondelingen/Dondelange.

Jean-Nicolas married Catherine Weber on 27 Nov 1811.

Marriage record for Jean Nicolas Nemmers and Catharine Weber, 27 Nov 1811, Kehlen, Luxembourg


    In the year 1811 on the 27th of November, at 10:00 in the morning appeared before us the mayor of Kehlen in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Jean-Nicolas Nemmers, a day laborerer (journalier), aged 28 years, born in Tuntange, department of Forests (French Republican designation for Luxemburg), living at Dondelingen (Dondelange), an adult and the legitimate son of Pierre Nemmers, a day laborer when he was still alive, and Anne-Marie Neisen, a day laborer living at Tintange, present and consenting to the marriage, and on the other hand, Miss Catherine Weber, aged 20 years, born in Dondelange and living there, minor-of-age and legitimate daughter of Nicolas Weber, weaver (tisserand) and of Catherine Weber, living at Dondelange, present and consenting to the marriage. Both partners are then declared to be now a married couple...
    [Note: The above is a translation of the French civil record of marriage in the commune of Kehlen in the Center of Luxembourg, canton of Luxembourg.]

In 1843, Jean-Nicolas and Catherine were living in Dondelange, Luxemburg, per the Kehlen, Luxemburg census. The had four children living with them, along with Nicolas' wife, Maria Freimann, and two grandchildren. By the 1846 census, there was another grandchild as well. Missing from the list is Catharine, who may have been married by 1843.

  • Nicolas Neumers, b. 1816, Dondelange, Luxembourg
  • Michael Neumers, b. 1822, Dondelange, Luxembourg
  • Caroline Neumers, b. 1827, Dondelange, Luxembourg
  • Susanna Neumers, b. 1831, Dondelange, Luxembourg

Joannes-Nicolas immigrated to the United States in 1847 with his wife, Catharine, and their son Nicolaus and his family.

John Nemmers died 7 Mar, 1857, in St. Donatus, Jackson County, Iowa

Catharine Weber

The baptismal record for Catharina Weber on 2 Feb 1790 lists her parents as Nicolai Weber and Catharina Wewer, matching the marriage record for Jean-Nicolas and Catharine shown above.

Baptism record for Catharina Weber, 2 Feb 1790, Kehlen, Luxembourg

A Nicolas Weber, son of Domincus Weber and Catharina Biver of Dondlange, has a birth record, but the dates are difficult to read. The month listed is "Prairial", which is a month from the French Republican calendar, from 20 May to 18 June. The calendar was used from late 1793 to 1805. Unless this month was used during another timeframe, this Nicolas was not Catherine Weber's father.

Birth record for Nicolas Weber, Kehlen, Luxembourg

There is a marriage record from 4 Feb 1789 for Nicolaus Weber, son of Domincu Weber and Catharina Biwer (both deceased) of Dondlingen and Catharina Weber, daughter of Jacobi Weber (deceased) and Margaretha Rober (no town stated).

Marriage record for Nicolaus Weber and Catharine Weber, 4 Feb 1789, Kehlen, Luxembourg

Nicholaus Weber's father, and Catharine Weber's grandfather, Dominicus Weber of Dondlingen, died 26 Feb 1758. His wife was listed Catharina Biver in the death record.

Death record for Dominicus Weber, 26 Feb 1758, Kehlen, Luxembourg

Nicholaus Weber's mother, and Catharine Weber's grandmother, Catharina Biver, then remarried, to Nicolaum Thines on 28 Mar 1759. Catharina is listed as the widow of Dominici Weber from Dondlingen in the marriage record.

Marriage record for Nicolaus Thines and Catharine Biver, 28 Mar 1759, Kehlen, Luxembourg

Catharina died 28 Aug 1783. She is listed as Catharina Weber, wife of Nicolai Thynes, of Dondling, in the death record.

Death record for Catharina Weber, 28 Aug 1783, Kehlen, Luxembourg

No marriage record for Dominicus and Catharina has been found. No birth records for either have been found.

No additional information about Jacobi Weber and Margaretha Rober has been found.

Nicolas Nemmers

Nicolas was baptized on 13 Feb 1816. His birth is shown as 12 Feb 1816 in the record. The record lists his parents as Jean Nicolas Nemmers and Catharine Weber, from Dondlingen. Jean's age was 30.

Baptism record for Nicolas Nemmers, 13 Feb 1816, Kehlen, Luxembourg (entry26)

Nicolas married Maria Freiman on 17 Feb 1841.

Marriage record for Nicolas Nemmers and Maria Freiman, 17 Feb 1841, Kehlen, Luxembourg


    In the year 1841 on the 17th of February, at 4 p.m. appeared before us Jean-Baptiste Poeckes, mayor of Kehlen in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Nicolas Nemmers, carpenter (Schreiner) aged 25 years, born in Dondelingen, commune of Kehlen on February 12, 1816, living at Dondelingen, adult son of Johann-Nicolas Nemmers, carpenter, and of Catharina Weber, both present and consenting to the marriage and, on the other hand, Maria Freiman, without profession, aged 21 years, born in Olm, commune of Kehlen on July 19, 1819, living at Olm, adult daughter of Peter Freyman, deceased in Olm on April 17, 1830, and of the still-living Barbara Kurbach, day laborer (Taglohnerin) living at Olm, present and consenting to the marriage. Both partners are then declared to be now a married couple...
    [Note: The above is a translation of the German civil record of marriage in the commune of Kehlen in the Center of Luxembourg, canton of Luxembourg.]

Nicolaus Nemmers died 22 Dec, 1885, St. Donatus, Jackson County, Iowa

Other Nemmers Info

Work on the original Johann Nicolas Nemmers and Catharina Weber family tree was started in 1900 by the Reverend John Nemmers, who for 60 years served a parish in Gilbertville, Iowa. The present tree, with each of its 3,600 names clearly readable, was sketched by Sister Mary Marcellinda, O.S.F., of Dubuque, Iowa, in 1948.

The tree lists a number of religious personages, too. Including the tree's originator, Father John Nemmers, there are 11 Catholic Priests (two of whom bear the title of Monsignor), one Jesuit, and 30 Sisters of various Orders.