Maria Freimann


Full Name: Maria Freimann Nemmers

Parents: Petrus Freimann and Barbara Kurbach

Birth: July 19, 1819, Olm, Luxembourg

Marriage: Nicolaus Nemmers, February 17, 1841, Kehlen, Luxembourg

Death: January 3, 1867, St. Donatus, Jackson County, Iowa


  • Catharine, b. 04/08/1842, d. 05/28/1910
  • Michael P, b. 10/31/1843, d. 03/24/1925
  • Nicholas D., b. 08/12/1845, d. 02/24/1882
  • Rev. John N., b. 10/16/1847, d. 09/07/1928
  • Charles, b. 10/14/1850, d. 06/05/1924
  • Sister M. Gedeona, b. 02/13/1852, d. 01/18/1919
  • Peter, b. 03/08/1854, m. 07/27/1881 (Margaret Kaiser), d. 12/06/1934
  • Susan, b. 02/23/1856, d. 12/26/1944
  • John Peter, b. 12/27/1857, d. 07/31/1894


Family Tree:

Freymann Family History


The last known location of the Nemmers/Freimann family prior to immigration was in the commune of Kehlen, canton of Capellen, in Luxembourg. The Nemmers family had lived in Tuntange and Brouch. The Freimann family lived Kehlen, Olm, Mamer and Bertrange.

The map on the left below is the country of Luxembourg. The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Nemmers and Freimann families originated in Luxembourg. (Click on image for larger view.)


Petrus Freimann

The marriage record for Nicolas and Maria lists Maria's parents as the late Petrus Freymann and Barbara Kurbach of Olm.

The birth record for Maria Freyman states 20 Jul 1819. It is a civil record from Kehlen, since the Freyman's were from Olm. Maria's parents are listed as Petrus Freyman (age 40) and Barbara Kurbach. This is consistent with the Nicolaus Nemmer and Maria Freyman marriage record.

Petrus Freyman, son of Joannis Freyman and Margaretha Thimes, was born 26 Jul 1779.

Baptism record for Petrus Freyman, 26 Jul 1779, Kehlen, Luxembourg (entry36)

The marriage record for Petrus Freymann from Olm and Barbara Kirpach from Bartringen is from 27 Dec 1815. Petrus' parents are Joannis Freymann and Margaretha Timmesch, deceased. Barbara's parents are Petri Kirpach, deceased, and Maria Goergen.

Marriage record for Petrus Freymann and Barbara Kirpach, 27 Dec 1815, Bertrange, Luxembourg

Children of Petrus Freymann and Barbara Kirpach:

    Carolus Freymann, bapt. 26 Feb 1817 (Charles)
    Maria Freyman, bapt. 20 Jul 1819
    Catharina Frayman, bapt. 19 Jul 1822
    Petrus Freyman, bapt. 9 Dec 1825
    Catharina Freyman, bapt. 21 Jan 1828 (Marie Catharine)

Petrus Freymann died on 17 Apr 1830. His death record states he was 50 years old, from Olm, and his wife was Barbara Kirpach.

Death record for Petrus Freymann, 17 Apr 1830, Kehlen, Luxembourg

Joannes Freyman

Petrus Freyman's baptismal record, as well as his marriage record, state he was the son of Joannis Freyman and Margaretha Thimes.

Joannes Freymann was born on 15 Dec 1735, in Mamer, to Michael Freymann and Catharina Hemmers. The index record shows he married Marg. Timmers from Olm.

Mamer, Luxembourg, index records, part 1
Mamer, Luxembourg, index records, part 2

A marriage record shows Joannes Freyman from Mamer married Margaretha Timersch from Olm on 9 Jan 1765.

Marriage record for Joannes Freyman and Margaretha Timersch, 9 Jan 1765, Kehlen, Luxembourg

Records have been found for 8 children of Joannes Freyman and Margaretha Timersch:

    Catharina Freyman, bapt. 20 Mar 1768
    Susanna Freyman, bapt. 22 Jan 1770
    Maria Freyman, bapt. 31 Aug 1771
    Joannes Freyman, bapt. 14 Apr 1774
    Dominicus Freyman, bapt. 21 Nov 1776
    Petrus Freyman, bapt. 26 Jul 1779
    Catharina Freyman, bapt. 24 Jul 1782
    Nicolaus Freimann, bapt. 18 Oct 1784

Joannes Freiman died 18 Jan 1786 in Olm, with his wife listed as Margaretha Thimesch.

Death record for Joannes Freiman, 18 Jan 1786, Kehlen, Luxembourg

Barbara Kurbach

Barbara Kirpach, along with three of her children, can be found living together in 1843 in Olm, Luxemburg. In the 1846 census, she is living with her son, Charles, youngest daughter, Catharine, and Charles' wife, Maria.

1843 Census, Kehlen, Lux
1846 Census, Kehlen, Lux

Barbara Kurbach Freimann immigrated on the Traquin with the others. She died 26 Oct 1854 in Saint Donatus, Iowa.

Find a Grave Entry

Tombstone of Barbara Kirbach Freimann

The findagrave entry says Barbara was born 9 Sep 1794 in Bertrange, Luxemburg. The 1843 Kehlen, Luxemburg, census lists Barbara Kirpach's birth as 1793.7.9 (7 Sep 1793), in Barteringen, Luxemburg, while the 1846 census lists it as being in 1797, in Bertrange, Luxemburg. The difference may be the use of the French Republican Calendar being used at the time of Barbara's birth. No birth/baptismal record has been found for Barbara.

The marriage record for Petrus Freymann and Barbara Kirpach states Barbara's parents are Petri Kirpach, deceased, and Maria Goergen.

A marriage record shows Petrum Kirpach, son of Joannis Kirpach and Barbara Wester from Fenningen, married Mariam Goergen, widow of Petri Gloot from Bartringen, on 7 Nov 1793.

Marriage record for Petrum Kirpach and Mariam Goergen, 7 Nov 1793, Bertrange, Luxembourg

And a marriage record shows Joannes Kirpach, son of Nicolai Kirpach and Maria Dondlinger from Finningen, married Barbara Wester, daughter of Michaelis Wester and Barbara Kemp from Reckingen, on 25 Feb 1759.

Marriage record for Joannes Kirpach and Barbara Wester, 25 Feb 1759, Fennange, Luxembourg

Maria Freimann

Maria was baptized on 20 Jul 1819. The record lists her parents as Petrus Freyman and Barbara Kurbach, from Olm.

Baptism record for Maria Freyman, 20 Jul 1819, Kehlen, Luxembourg (entry36)

Maria married Nicolas Nemmers on 17 Feb 1841.

Marriage record for Nicolas Nemmers and Maria Freiman, 17 Feb 1841, Kehlen, Luxembourg


    In the year 1841 on the 17th of February, at 4 p.m. appeared before us Jean-Baptiste Poeckes, mayor of Kehlen in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Nicolas Nemmers, carpenter (Schreiner) aged 25 years, born in Dondelingen, commune of Kehlen on February 12, 1816, living at Dondelingen, adult son of Johann-Nicolas Nemmers, carpenter, and of Catharina Weber, both present and consenting to the marriage and, on the other hand, Maria Freiman, without profession, aged 21 years, born in Olm, commune of Kehlen on July 19, 1819, living at Olm, adult daughter of Peter Freyman, deceased in Olm on April 17, 1830, and of the still-living Barbara Kurbach, day laborer (Taglohnerin) living at Olm, present and consenting to the marriage. Both partners are then declared to be now a married couple...
    [Note: The above is a translation of the German civil record of marriage in the commune of Kehlen in the Center of Luxembourg, canton of Luxembourg.]

Maria Freimann died 3 Jan, 1867, St. Donatus, Jackson County, Iowa

Other Freymann Info

The Freymann's have published a book (Freymann, J.G. & J.M., 1999) with some really interesting things about their line, e.g: Charles and Maria Freymann left Luxembourg with babe-in-arms Barbara, Charles' widowed mother, Barbara Kirbach, his youngest sister, M. Catherina, Maria's youngest brother Johan, and Charles' next sister, Maria, who had married Nicolaus Nemmers about six years before. The Nemmers had three children, Catherine, age 5, Michael, age 3, and one year-old Nicolaus Jr., and, Maria was four or five months pregnant.

Transporting seven adults and four small children to America was via a stagecoach ride to LeHavre, France. Ship's fare from there to New York was as much as 200 francs for adults and half that for children. Charles had presumably inherited whatever land his father owned; nothing is known of Nicolaus Nemmers' resources. They might have had a good crop in 1846 which brought in some cash. Yet they must have sold everything they owned, and perhaps borrowed also, to accumulate what they would need-4000 to 5000 francs, or even more.

At Luxembourg City they boarded a stagecoach. From Luxembourg City to Le Havre is 270 miles as the crow flies, but their trip was longer. They would have to go from one city to another, changing coaches often. A possible route would have been Metz-Reims-Paris-Rouen-Le Havre.

At Le Havre they arranged passage on Tarquin, a 515 ton, three-masted sailing ship of American registry, George Moody, master. Built in Boston in 1833, she was just 143 feet long and had a beam of 27 feet, nine and one half inches. There was a cabin on the upper deck because her manifest lists 14 passengers separately as "Cabin." The Freymanns and Nemmers and 183 other passengers were jammed into Tarquin's second deck. "Jammed" because this works out to about ten square feet per person for a four to six week voyage across the Atlantic.

From landing in New York on 26 July 1847, they traveled to Buffalo, then embarked on a lake ship to Chicago ($10 each). They arrived in Dubuque on August 16, 1847, only 21 days after landing in New York. Both families filed their intention for citizenship in Dubuque-that day. The Nemmers purchased from the U.S. government 160 acres [East half of West half of Section 13] for $1.25 per acre on November 20, 1848. The land was in the Tetes des Mort valley, Jackson County, Iowa territory.