Anna Knewel


Full Name: Anna Catharina Knewel Kaiser

Parents: Nicolas Knewel & Anne Hoffmann Putz

Birth: May 11, 1832, Boudler, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg

Marriage: Nicolas Kaiser, 1857, St. Donatus, Jackson County, Iowa

Death: March 17, 1864, St. Donatus, Jackson County, Iowa


  • Peter, b. 07/16/1857, d. 07/06/1862
  • Catherine, b. 01/18/1859, d. 1935
  • Mary, b. 09/03/1860
  • Margaret, b. 05/15/1862, m. 07/27/1881 (Peter Nemmers), d. 04/04/1934


Family Tree:

Knewell = Knewel = Knevel = Knebel = Knövel


The last known location of the Knewel family prior to immigration was in Boudler, commune of Biwer, canton of Grevenmacher, in Luxembourg. Earlier generations of the Knewel family had lived in Born, Luxembourg, and Godendorf, Germany.

The map on the left below is the country of Luxembourg. The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Knewel family originated in Luxembourg. (Click on image for larger view.)


Anna Knewel

Anna Catharina Knewel was born 11 May 1832 in Boudler, Grevenmacher, Luxemburg. Her parents were Nicolas Knewel and Maria Anna Hoffmann.

Sometime between 1843 (Biwer, Lux, census records) and 1857 (Anna's wedding), the Knewel family (Nicolaus, Maria, two sons and two or three daughters) immigrated to the United States, settling in Jackson County, Iowa. Worth noting, the Knewel family couldn't be founding living in Biwer in the 1846 census, neither with the Pütz family nor on their own.

In 1857, Anna married Nicholas B. Kayser in Jackson County, Jackson County, Iowa. They had four children before Anna died.

  • Peter, b. 1857
  • Catherine, b. 1859
  • Mary, b. 1860
  • Margaret, b. 1862

Anna died on 20 Mar 1864 in St. Donatus. Details of Anna's death at such a young age are unknown at this time.

Nicholas remarried in 1865 to Anna Bauer and they had eight more children. They moved to Plymouth County, Iowa, in May 1875.


Nicolaus Knewel and Maria Hoffman

Nicolaus Knewel was born on 24 Nov 1790 in Born, Luxemburg. His parents were Nicolaus Knewel and Appollonia Thewes.

Maria Anna Hoffman was born on 6 May 1796 (per her marriage certificate) in Boudler, Luxemburg. Her mother was Katharina Hoffman, but her father is unknown. No baptismal record for Maria has been found. As explained, it was common that the fatherless children were not baptized, or the mothers with relatives had the childern baptized in another place. Starting around 1793, the French occupied Luxemburg due to the French Revolution, and there were some children with French fathers. It is unlikely Maria's father will ever be known.

On 19 Dec 1822, Nicolaus and Maria were married in Boudler. What is of significance is that Nicolaus' father, Nicolaus (as well), married Maria's mother, Katharina, the day before, so Nicolaus Knewel is listed as the father of both children.

Nicolaus and Maria had six children:

  • Knewel Elisabetha, b. 31 Oct 1823, d. 23 Jun 1913, St. Donatus, Jackson Co, Iowa
  • Knewel Michel, b. 9 May 1825, d. 9 Feb 1916, Remsen, Plymouth Co, Iowa
  • Knewel Jean Pierre, b. 4 Mar 1827
  • Knewel Catharina, b. 5 Mar 1829, d. 16 Feb 1901
  • Knewel Anna Catharina, b. 11 May 1832, d. 17 Mar 1864, St. Donatus, Jackson Co, Iowa
  • Knewel Johann, b. 6 Apr 1835, d. 20 Jun 1904, Hull, Sioux Co, Iowa

Nicolaus died 22 Mar 1879, and was buried 24 Mar 1879 in Le Mars. His funeral Mass was share with Peter Gehlen, a well known Luxembourger in Iowa history.

It is unknown when Maria/Mary died or where she was buried. The 1870 US Census for Belluvue City, Jackson County, Iowa, lists Mary Knewell, age 77, living with son Michael and his wife Mary. However, at this time, Nicolaus is living with their son John in Caledonia, Houston County, Minnesota. Also, Mary is no longer living with Michael in 1880 per the Fredonia Township, Plymouth County, Iowa US Census.


Nicolaus Knewel and Appollonia Thewes

Nicolaus Knewel was born on 26 Oct 1755 in Born. He was the son of Mathias Knewel and Elisabeth Schmitt.

Appollonia Tiwes was born 25 Nov 1752 in Godendorf, Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz. Her parents were Petrus Tiwes and Maria Knevel. Appollonia died in 3 Mar 1814.

Nicolaus Knevel of Born married Apollonia Tiwes of Born on 3 Dec 1782 in Born.

Birth records for 7 children have been found:

  • Joannes Petrus, b. 25 Aug 1783
  • Catharina Clara, b. 2 Oct 1784, d. 7 Jan 1785
  • Joannes Nemesius, b. 18 Dec 1785
  • Anna Maria, b. 5 Aug 1787
  • Jacobus Michael, b. 29 Sep 1789, d. 7 Oct 1789
  • Nicolaus Christianus, b. 24 Nov 1790
  • Maria Lousia, b. 19 Sep 1796, d. 18 Nov 1872

After Appollonia's death, Nicolaus then married Katharina Hoffmann on 18 Dec 1822 in Boudler. Nicolaus and Katharina had one child, a son, Nicolaus, born 20 Nov 1823 in Boudler.

Nicolaus died 29 Feb 1828 in Boudler.

Katharina Hoffmann

Katharina Hoffmann was born on 2 Mar 1779 in Boudler. Her parents were Nicolaus Hoffman and Appollonia Hayer. The Hoffman family lived in the Pütz house.

Katharina died on 16 Mar 1837.


Mathias Knevel and Elisabetha Schmit


  • Mathias Knevel (b. 1752, m. 3 May 1773 to Elisabetha Koelsch, d. 1802)
  • Nicolaus Knevel (b. 26 Oct 1755, m. 3 Dec 1782 to Appollonia Tiwes, d. 29 Feb 1828)
  • Anna Maria Knevel (b. 9 Feb 1762)
  • Catharina Knevel (m. 13 Jan 1790 to Petrus Spiedel)

Mathias Knewel died 8 Feb 1776 in Born. He was called a "manager" of Born.

Elisabetha (Schmit) Knevel, widow of Mathias, died either 30 or 31 Mar 1785

Petrus Tiwes and Anna Maria Knevel

Children, all born in Godendorf, Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz:

  • Peter Tiwes (b. 2 Jun 1750)
  • Appollonia Tiwes (b. 25 Nov 1752, m. 3 Dec 1782 to Nicolaus Knevel)
  • Elisabetha Tiwes (b. 20 Jan 1754, m. 7 Jun 1781 to Niclas Prapsom)
  • Catharina Tiwes (m. 12 Jan 1785 to Wilhelmus Grein)

Still researching birth, marriage and death info, as well as Anna Maria Knevel's relationship to Mathias Knevel. (Anna Maria's parents may have been Gilges Knoebels and Elisabetha Schmitz)

Nicolaus Hoffman and Appollonia Hayer

  • Catharina Hoffmann (b. 2 Mar 1779, d. 16 Mar 1837)
  • Maria Hoffmann (b. 4 Feb 1782)
  • Nicolaus Hoffmann (b. 5 Apr 1784)
  • Petrus Hoffmann (b. 24 Mar 1787)
  • Elisabetha Hoffmann (b. 13 Mar 1790)
  • Nicolaus Hoffmann (b. 1793)

Nicolaus Hoffman was born about 1756, and he died 13 Dec 1800.

Appollonia Hayer was born about 1760, and she died 19 Jan 1814.