Nicholas Kaiser


Full Name: Nicholas B. Kaiser

Parents: Lorenz Kaiser & Anna Maria Feiereisen

Birth: August 18, 1832, Godbrange, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg


  • Anna Knewel, 1857, St. Donatus, Jackson County, Iowa
  • Anna Bauer, 01/09/1865, St. Donatus, Jackson County, Iowa

Death: June 19, 1914, Struble, Plymouth County, Iowa

Children w/Anna Knewel:

  • Peter, b. 07/16/1857, d. 07/06/1862
  • Catherine, b. 01/18/1859, d. 1935
  • Mary, b. 09/03/1860
  • Margaret, b. 05/15/1862, m. 07/27/1881 (Peter Nemmers), d. 04/04/1934

Children w/Anna Bauer:

  • Hubert, b. 10/26/1865, d. 07/08/1868
  • Martina, b. 01/30/1867
  • Elizabeth, b. 11/27/1868 (possibly Lillian?)
  • Aloysius, b. 01/04/1871, d. 10/21/1873
  • John, b. 02/10/1873
  • Peter, b. 04/1876
  • Lillian (possibly Elizabeth?)
  • Olivia, b. 01/11/1882, d. 02/22/1945


Family Tree:

Kaiser Family History:


The last known location of the Kaiser family prior to immigration was in Godbrange, commune of Junglinster, canton of Grevenmacher, in Luxembourg. The various branches of the Kaiser family throughout central Luxembourg, including Fischbach, Mersch, Reckange, Angelsberg, Asselscheuer, Steinsel, Eschweiler and Manternach.

The map on the left below is the country of Luxembourg. The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Kaiser family originated in Luxembourg. (Click on image for larger view.)


A rich history of the Kaiser family has been compiled by Ron Goergen - The Kaiser Family History. It begins with Nicolas Kaiser, born in Luxembourg about 1708. The first records of our Kaiser ancestors were found in the Fischbach church records, starting in 1742. Fischbach is near the city of Mersch, Luxembourg.

Kaiser House at #9, or the Meisch House, in the center of Fischbach, Luxembourg. The house was built about 1832.

Nicolas Kaiser

Nicolas Kaiser first married Anna Maria Leonardi, who died on 15 Jun 1747 in Fischbach. Nicolas and Anna Maria had six children before Anna Maria's death.

  • Anna Maria, b. abt 1834, d. 23 Mar 1824 in Fischbach, m. 18 Nov 1765 to Nicolas Pettinger
  • Nicolas, b. abt 1735, d. 12 Feb 1757
  • Michael, b. abt 1738, d. 3 May 1793, unmarried
  • Franciscus, b. abt 1841, d. 15 Jun 1750
  • Petrus, bapt. 13 Apr 1744
  • Joannes, bapt. 1 Jul 1746

Nicolas Kaiser second marriage was to Angela Feltes on 7 Mar 1748 in Fischbach. Angela was born in Eschweiler, Luxembourg. She died in Fischbach on 25 Feb 1784.

Nicolas and Angela also had six children.

  • Nicolas, b. 18 Feb 1750, d. 11 Jan 1814
  • Boy, b. 1 Feb 1752, d. 1 Feb 1752
  • Henricus, b. 9 Aug 1753, d. 6 Apr 1838, unmarried
  • Bernardus, b. 26 Nov 1754, d. 18 Sep 1823, unmarried
  • Mathias, b. 8 Apr 1756, d. 3 Feb 1757
  • Anna Catharina, b. 22 Apr 1758, d. 12 Oct 1758

Nicolas Kaiser died on 22 May 1763, in Fischbach, where he is buried.

Angela Feltes, wife of Nicolas Kaiser, died on 25 Feb 1784, in Fischbach.

Nicolas Kaiser

Nicolas Kaiser, son of Nicolas and Angela Feltes Kaiser, was born on 18 Feb 1750 in Fischbach, Luxembourg.

Nicolas married Maria Catharina Elcheroth on 29 Apr 1777, in Steinsel, Luxemburg. Maria Catharina was born about 1751 in Nobressart, Luxembourg, and she died on 15 Dec 1819 in Fischbach.

    [Translation to English:
    On April 29, [...] dispensed from proclamations, there got married Nicolaus Kaiser, legitimate son of the late Nicolaus Kaiser and Angela Feltes, wedded couple from Fischbach, and Maria Catharina Elcherot, legitimate surviving daughter of Henrich Elcherot and Maria Streng, wedded couple from Asselscheuer. Witnesses were Peter Elcherot, the bride's uncle from Asselscheuer, and Nicolaus Petinger, the groom's brother-in-law from Fischbach.]

In 1779, Nicolas was listed as a shoemaker on the baptismal record of his son Johannes. In 1793, he was listed as a farmer on the baptismal record of his eighth child, a son, Lorenz Kaiser. Nicolas and Maria Catharina had 10 children.

  • Nicolas, b. 2 Aug 1778, m. 16 May 1809 to Anna Margaretha Geimer (b. 14 Apr 1780, Bivange, d. 1 Jul 1852), d. 27 Apr 1841
  • Johannes, b. 31 Dec 1779, d. 27 Apr 1780
  • Elisabetha, b. 16 Feb 1781
  • Anna Maria, b. 21 Dec 1783, m. 5 Feb 1812 to Jacob Theisen (b. 19 Dec 1784, d. 25 Mar 1816), d. 28 May 1816
  • Franciscus, b. 12 May 1785, m. 6 Feb 1815 to Anna Maria Michaelis (b. 28 Dec 1785, Waldbillig, d. 10 Oct 1852, Waldbillig), d. 15 Dec 1853, Waldbillig
  • Maria, b. 26 May 1787, d. 3 May 1790
  • Barbara, b. 17 Apr 1789
  • Lorenz, b. 18 Jan 1793, d. 20 Jul 1878, Le Mars, Iowa
  • Susanna, b. 30 Nov 1794, d. 30 Nov 1794
  • Michael, b. 6 Nov 1799

Nicolas died on 11 Jan 1814 in Fischbach, Luxembourg.


Maria Catharina's parents, Henricus Elcheroth and Maria Streng, were married in Steinsel as well. They were married on 22 oct 1738. Interestingly, a widower, Henricus Elcheroth and a widow, Elisabetha Steng, were married on the same day as well. This means that Maria Catharina's paternal grandfather and her maternal grandmother married each other, the same day that her parents wed. The widower and widow were also listed as the sole parents on Maria Catharina parents' marriage record.

Henricus Elcheodt, widower, from Asselscheuer, and Elisabetha Streng, widow, from Christnach, married October 22, 1738. Henricus' adolescent son, Henricus (Junior), and Elisabetha's virtuous daughter, Maria, married the same day.

Henricus Elcheroth

Henricus Elcherodt, from Asselscheuer village, and Maria Webers of Riepweiller, married February 4, 1721 in Steinsel, Luxembourg.

Henricus and Maria had the following children:

  • Henricus Elcherodt, b. 16 Feb 1722
  • Joannes Elcherodt, b. 11 Mar 1724
  • Petrus Elcherodt, b. 9 Apr 1726
  • Michael Elcherodt, b. 4 Jan 1729
  • Nicolas and Petri Elcherodt, b. 16 May 1730 (twins), Nicolas d. 29 Nov 1733
  • Bernardus Elcherodt, b. 17 Apr 1733
  • Maria Margaretha Elcherodt, b. 10 Aug 1735

Henricus Elcherodt, son of Henrici Elcherodt and Maria was born on February 16, 1722 in Asselscheuer, Luxembourg.

Maria Molitor, wife of Henrici Elcherodt, died May 8, 1738 in Steinsel, Luxembourg. Her age was "about forty". It is unknown why her name is listed as "Molitor" instead of "Webers".

Additional records:

Lorenz Kaiser

Laurentius Kaiser, son of Nicolas and Maria Catharina Elcheroth Kaiser, was born on 18 Jan 1793 in Fischbach, Luxembourg.

Lorenz married Anna Maria Feyereisen on 23 Jun 1818 in Manternach, Luxembourg. Anna Maria was born 1 Jun 1791 in Reckange, Luxembourg.

    [Translation in English...
    In the year of 1818, on June 23, at 11 o'clock in the morning, there appeared before us, Joseph Leopold Fabert, mayor and civil registrar for the municipality of Manternach, in the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg, Lorenz Kaiser, daylaborer at Berburg works, 25 years of age, a native of Fischbach in the county of Mersch, Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg, born on January 18, 1793, a resident of Berburg works, which belongs to the municipality of Manternach, adult son of Nicolas Kayser, in his life a farmer at said Fischbach, where he died on January 11, 1814, and Catharina Elcheroth, who gives her consent to this marriage, according to a letter made by notary Matheux [sp?] at [...] on June 19, recorded at Mersch on June 20 of this year.
    And: Anna Maria Feyereisen, maid, 27 years of age, a native of Reckingen in the county of Mersch, Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg, born on June 1, 1791, a resident of Berburg works, which belongs to the municipality of Manternach, adult daughter of Nicolas Feyereisen, in his life a farmer at said Reckingen, where he died on March 29, 1793, and Catharina Baltus, here present and giving consent.
    Said persons asked me to perform their agreed marriage, which of the proclamations took place on June 7 and 14 of this year.
    Since no objections were raised against this marriage, we comply with their request. After we read aloud the documents stated above, and chapter 6 of the Civil Law, titled "about marriage", we asked groom and bride, whether they want to take each other as wife and husband, and since both of them, each at a time, answered in the affirmative, we declared in the name of law, that Lorenz Kayser and Anna Maria Feyereisen are joined in marriage.
    This record was made in presence of Bernard Streng, farmer, 45 years of age, a resident of Manternach, in the county of Grevenmacher, Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg; Johann Scholtes, farmer, 2...[?] years of age, a resident of Manternach; Franz Weber, schoolteacher, 42 years of age, also a resident of Manternach; and Johann Schlitz, miller, 42 years of age, a resident of Manternach as above.
    They signed this record with us, after it was read aloud, except Anna Maria Feyereisen and her mother Catharina Baltes, who declared not being able to write.
    Done at Manternach, day and month as above.

Lorenz as a daylaborer at the Berburg works in 1818 when he married Anna Maria. Anna Maria has been a maid at the Berburg works. From about 1819 to 1832, Lorenz worked as a daylaborer ("road mender") on the various roads in Luxembourg. Lorenz and Anna had six children, two of which died young. All the children were born in Godbrange Luxembourg.

  • Hubert, b 3 Mar 1819, m. 18 Jul 1850 to Barbe Ehlinger in Junglinster (b. 15 Sep 1818, Olingen, d. 2 Jun 1875, Le Mars), d. 20 Jul 1878, Le Mars
  • Susanna, b. 16 Apr 1821, m. 3 Feb 1848 to Nicolas Hoss in Junglinster (b. 9 Oct 1822, d. 8 Apr 1904), d. 23 Jun 1963
  • Hubert, b. 16 Jul 1823, immigrated in Apr 1857 with Eva Arens and Anna Feiereisen, whereabouts in U.S. unknown
  • Joseph, b. 29 Mar 1826, d. 9 Jun 1827
  • Angelique, b. 10 Nov 1828, d. 21 Jul 1829
  • Nicolas, b. 18 Aug 1832, d. 19 Jun 1914, Le Mars, Iowa

Anna Feiereisen Kaiser died in Godbrange on 8 Jul 1856.

Lorenz immigrated to the US about 1868, settling in Iowa, along with his oldest son, Hubert, and Hubert's family. They joined Nicolas in St. Donatus, Jackson County, Iowa, since Nicolas had immigrated earlier.

Lorenz died in LeMars, Iowa, on 20 July 1878. His obituary was published in the Jul 30, 1878, issue of the "Luxemburger Gazette". The original was in German, with the translation here:

    Lorenz Kaiser, in an age of 89 years at Lemars, Iowa, on Saturday, July 20, 1878, 7 o'clock in the morning, provided with the Holy sacraments, to a brighter world. The deceased was born in Fischbach, Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg. He leaves behind two sons here in America and one sister in the old homeland.
    The mourning bereaved.
    Lemars, Iowa, July 21, 1878.
    May he rest in peace!


Anna Maria Feiereÿsen was born on June 1, 1791 in Reckingen, Mersch, Luxembourg. Her parents were Nicolaus Feiereÿsen and Catharina Baltus.

As noted above, Anna Maria was married on June 23, 1818 to Lorenz Kaiser in Fischbach. Also noted, Anna Maria died on July 8, 1856 in Godbrange.

Anna Maria's Parents

Nicolaus Feiereÿsen and Catharina Baltus

A birth record for Nicolaus Feiereÿsen has not been found yet, but Catharina Baltus was born on November 21, 1756 in Reckingen, Mersch, Luxembourg. Her parents were Dominici Baltes and Margueritha Fritges.

On January 11, 1781, Nicolaus, son of Michaelis Feiereisen and Maria Birel of Hohen (Hagen), married Catharina, daughter of Dominici Baltus and Margaritha Fritges of Reckingen.

Nicolaus Feÿereisen died in Reckingen on March 29, 1793. He was a farmer, and married to Catharina Baltes. His age was listed as 38 years.

No record for Catharina Baltus' death has been found.

Anna Maria's Grandparents

Michaelis Feiereÿsen and Maria Birel

No information has been found yet.

Dominici Baltus and Margaritha Fritges

Margaritha was born July 14, 1734. Her parents were listed as Joannis Jonckels sive Friedges and Maria, from Reckingen.

It is likely that Dominicus and Margaritha were married on January 18, 1756 in Reckingen. In the marriage record, Dominincus is listed as "Dominicus Jentges", son of Balthasaris Jentges and Johanna of Niderfichten. It is possible that Dominicus changed his name from Jentgen to Baltus since his father's name was Balthasar. Margaritha's parents were Joannis Fritges and Maria from Reckingen.

Dominicus and Margaritha had the following children:

  • Catharina Baltes, b. 21 Nov 1756
  • Joannes Baltes, b. 30 Jun 1758
  • Baltes, b. 5 Dec 1759, d. 5 Dec 1759
  • Petrus Baltes, b. 13 Mar 1761
  • Baltes, b. 12 Jun 1763, d. 12 Jun 1763 (girl)
  • Jacobus Baltes, b. 14 May 1767
  • Nicolaus Baltes, b. 9 Sep 1769
  • Anna Maria Baltes, b. 7 Nov 1770

Dominicus Baltes died March 3, 1786 in Reckingen. He was 65 years old.

Margaritha died November 23, 1815.

Anna Maria's Great-Grandparents

Joannes Jonckels and Maria Friedges

Joannes and Maria were married on January 11, 1734 in Mersch. Joannes was the son of Joannes Jonckels and Anna from Gilsdorf, and Maria was the daughter of Joannes Friedges and Anna Maria from Reckingen.

Joannes Fritgen died August 28, 1750 in Reckingen.

Maria, widow of Joannes Fritges, married Joannes Lamber from Angelsberg on April 27, 1751 in Reckingen.

Maria Fritges died July 31, 1782.

Nicolas Kaiser

Nicolas Kaiser, son of Lorenz and Anna Maria Feyereisen Kaiser, as born on 18 Aug 1832 in Godbrange, Luxembourg, which was within the civil registry of Junglinster, Luxembourg.

    [Translation in English...
    No. 39, Keyser Nicolas, from Godbrange
    In the year of 1832, on August 18, at 10 o'clock in the morning, these appeared before us, Peter Neveling, civil registrar for the municipality of Junglinster, in the county of Betzdorf, in the province of Luxemburg, Lorenz Keyser, daylaborer, 39 years of age, a resident of this municipality, who presented to us a child of male sex, that was born today, at 2 o'clock in the morning, to him, declarant, and his wife Anna Maria Feyereisen, and whom he declared to assign the first name of Nicolas to.
    This declaration and presentation was made in presence of Johan Baptist Flammant, proprietor, 31 years of age, and Thomas Frans Klein, 31 years of age, proprietor, who are residents of this municipality.
    The declarant and the witnesses signed this birth record with us, after it was read aloud to them.]

Nicolas was an apprentice to a shoemaker when he was 14 years old to learn the trade. He left Luxembourg at the age of 21 (1854) and immigrated to the U.S. He joined other Luxembourgers in St. Donatus, Jackson County, Iowa. (St. Donatus is the patron saint of Luxembourg.) St. Donatus, Iowa, was also known as Tete des Mortes by the French.

Nicolas opened a shoe store in St. Donatus. Nicolas is listed as one of 72 parishoners of St. Donatus in 1856, along with the J. Knewell family.

Nicolas' first marriage was to Anna Catharina Knewell in 1857. They had four children before Anna Catherina died on 20 Mar 1864. Their youngest child, Margaret Kaiser, was born on 31 May, 1862.

Nicolas' second marriage was to Anna Bauer on 9 Jan 1865 in St. Donatus, Iowa. They had seven children. The family moved to Le Mars, Plymouth County, Iowa, in May 1875. The three youngest of their children were born there.

Nicolas became a naturalized U.S. on 12 Apr 1875 at the Plymouth County courthouse in Le Mars.

Nicolas also opened a shoe store on Main Street in Le Mars, Iowa, in a building that he built. He also purched farm land in Plymouth and Sioux Counties. The "Lieb Farm", north of Le Mars, was one of the farms. He later moved to a neighboring area called Struble, Iowa, and was one of the first residents of the small town.

Nicolas' second wife, Anna Bauer, died 12 Dec 1898.

Nicolas died at his home in Struble on 19 Jun 1914 at the age of 82 years of age. He was a well known individual in the Le Mars area being one of the founders of the community. His funeral Mass was celebrated by three priests, according to his obituary.