Family photo taken in 1908 of Anna Henrich and her grown children, Edward, William, John, Jacob, Charlie and Ann. Nicholas Henrich had died in 1902.
Top and middle rows, from left: Francis (Frank) E. Henrich Sr., ca. 16, son of Ed and Mary Henrich; William and Mary Henrich of Centerville, SD; Ed and Mary Henrich of Alton, Iowa, Ann (nun) on the top row with Nicholas's wife Gertrude, who lived in Alton is in front of Ann: Anna Henrich 74 of Alton; John and Josie Henrich of Lennox, SD; Charlie and Maude Henrich of Beresford, SD; Jacob and Emily Henrich of Bridgewater, SD (far right).
Bottom row, (grandchildren of Jacob and Anna Henrich), from left: Elizabeth Henrich ca. 15, and Dora Henrich, ca. 19, daughters of Nicholas and Gertrude Henrich; Mary Ellen (Nellie) Henrich and Florence Henrich, daughters of Ed and Mary Henrich; Wilfred Henrich, son of Nicholas and Gertrude; George Henrich, son of Ed and Mary; Josephine Henrich, daughter of Nicholas and Gertrude; Verena and Arthur Henrich, children of William and Mary Henrich; Melvin Henrich, son of Jacob and Emily Henrich; Oscar Henrich, son of Ed and Mary Henrich; (last in the row) Lawrence Henrich, son of John and Josie Henrich. Middle row to the far right (directly behind Oscar Henrich): Gertrude Henrich, daughter of John and Josie Henrich.