Maria Welter


Full Name: Maria Jeanne Welter

Parents: Bartholomÿ Welter and Marguerite Roulling

Birth: December 7, 1819, Luxembourg

Marriage: Cornelius Lutgen, June 9, 1941, Harlange, Luxembourg

Death: August 16, 1897, St. Nicholas, Stearns County, Minnesota


  • Nickolaus, b. 09/04/1841, m. 03/02/1867 (Katherine Richter) d. 11/26/1917
  • Catharina Rose, b. 02/24/1843, m. 01/18/1863 (John Jungels), d. 04/09/1913
  • Catherine, b. 12/26/1844, d. 04/14/1847
  • Jean Pierre "Peter", b. 04/13/1848, m. 06/10/1876 (Anna Maria Gross) d. 04/17/1936
  • Maria, b. 03/08/1850, d. 03/11/1850
  • Elisabeth, b. 02/11/1851
  • Dominicus, b. 07/26/1853, m. 02/11/1879 (Elizabeth Fischbach), d. 02/03/1929
  • Jeanne, b. 01/30/1854, d. 05/22/1936
  • Maria, b. 07/03/1856
  • Katherina, b. 09/20/1858, d. 01/22/1881
  • Nicolaus C., b. 03/10/1860, m. (Elizabeth Anna Karls), d. 04/08/1933
  • Susanna, b. 03/10/1863, m. 01/15/1884 (Nicholaus Rausch), d. 08/05/1953


Family Tree:

Welter History


The last known location of the Lutgen/Welter family prior to immigration was in Tarchamps, commune of Harlange, canton of Wiltz, in Luxembourg. The Lutgen family had lived in Liefrange, near Esch, in the 1700's. The Welter family appears to have lived in the Tarchamps area, as far back as the late 1600's as indicated by birth/marriage/death records.

The map on the left below is the country of Luxembourg. The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Lutgen and Welter families originated in Luxembourg. (Click on image for larger view.)

Marie's Parents:

Bartholomÿ Welter & Marguerite Roulling

Per the 1841 marriage record of Corneil and Marie, Marie's parents were Bartholomÿ Welter and Marguerite Roulling from Tarchamps.

Bartholomÿ Welter was born on May 9, 1790 in Tarchamps. His parents were Joseph Welter and Maria Beisch.

Still searching for the birth record of Marguerite Roulling.

Bartholemy Welter, son of Joseph Welter and Marie Beisch, married Marguerith Roullin, daughter of Hubert Roullin and Barbe Reuter, in Tarchamps on February 28, 1819. Both were from Tarchamps.

Bartholemy and Marguerith had the following children:

  • Marie Jeanne - b, 2 Dec 1819
  • Margerith - b. 11 Feb 1821, d. 24 Feb 1821
  • Elisabetha - b. 16 Mar 1822, d. 23 Mar 1822
  • Catharine - b. 22 Oct 1823

Marguerith Roulling, wife of Barthelemi Welter, daughter of Robert Roulling and Barbe Reuter, died on May 6 1835 in Tarchamps.

Bartholemy Welter, widower of Marguerith Roulling, son of Joseph Welter and Marie Beisch, died on May 13, 1841 in Tarchamps. He was 51 years old.

Marie's Grandparents:

Joseph Welter & Marie Beisch

Josephus Welter, son of Bartholomaeus Welter and Anne Marie Merres, married Maria Beisch, daughter of Nicolaus Beisch and Maria Roullin (deceased), in Tarchamps on April 21, 1789. Both were from Tarchamps.

Joseph and Maria had the following children:

  • Bartholomeus Welter - 9 May 1790
  • Barbara Welter - 17 Oct 1792

Joseph Welter died on May 22, 1793 in Tarchamps.

Marie Beisch died on 4 Brumaire an14 (October 26, 1805) in Tarchamps. She was 44 years old.

Hubert (Robert) Roullin & Barbe Reuter

Hubertus Roullin, son of Henri Roullin and Catharina Beisch, married Barbara Reuter, daughter of Michael Reuter and Anna Reuter (deceased), in Tarchamps on March 1, 1791. Hubert was from Tarchamps, while Barbara was from Harlange.

Hubert and Barbe had the following children:

  • Maria Catharina - b. 30 Jun 1792

Robert Roullin died April 25, 1817 in Tarchamps. He was 49 years old.

Barbe Reiter died December 29, 1821 in Tarchamps. She was 55 years old.

Marie's Great-Grandparents:

Bartholomaeus Welter & Anne Marie Merres

Nicolaus Beisch & Maria Roullin

Maria Roullin was born in 1750, and she died in 1789.

Nicolaus Beisch was born in 1750, and he died April 11, 1790 in Tarchamps.

Henri Roullin & Catharina Beisch

Henri Roulin died on October 29, 1812 in Tarchamps. He was 75 years old.

Anna Catharina Beisch died on December 27, 1812 in Tarchamps.

Michael Reuter & Anna Reuter

Michael Reuter and Anna Reuter were from Harlingen.