Anna Weber


Full Name: Anna Maria Weber Kass

Parents: Pierre Weber & Anna Barthel

Birth: January 6, 1833, Sandweiler, Luxembourg

Marriage: John Kass, 01/28/1857, Sandweiler, Luxembourg

Death: May 10, 1922, Alton, Sioux County, Iowa


  • Peter, b. 12/03/1857, d. 02/03/1947
  • Catherine, b. 06/27/1859, m. (Matt Bamberg), d. 08/09/1904
  • John Walter, b. 04/13/1861, d. 10/22/1959
  • Anna E., b. 01/08/1864, m. (Nic Delperdang) d. 08/19/1952
  • Mary, b. 11/1864, m. (Frank Young), d. 07/01/1948
  • Gertrude, b. 11/25/1866, m. 11/22/1887 (Nicholas Henrich), d. 02/19/1964
  • Margaret, b. 03/1870, m. (Hubert Bremirer), d. 03/21/1950
  • Josephine E., b. 06/13/1871, m. (John Henrich), d. 02/19/1964
  • Elizabeth Anne, b. 04/24/1873, m. (Al Schaul), d. 09/24/1960


Family Tree:

Weber Family History


The last known location of the Kass/Weber family prior to immigration was in Sandweiler, canton of Luxembourg, in Luxembourg. The Kass and Weber families had lived throughout central and east-central Luxembourg. The Kass family tended to be more centrally located near Luxembourg City, in the towns of Bertrange, Strassen, Limpertsberg and Weimerskirch. The Weber family was from Sandweiler, with one side of the earlier generations from Contern, Syren, Weiler-la-Tour, Aspelt and Hellendorf (likely Hellange), and the other side from Lintgen and Fischbach.

The map on the left below is the country of Luxembourg. The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Kass and Weber families originated in Luxembourg. (Click on image for larger view.)


Anne Marie Weber

Anne Marie Weber was born in Sandweiler, Luxemburg, on January 6, 1833. Her parents were Peter Weber and Catherine Barthel. Anne married John (Jacques) Kass in Sandweiler on January 28, 1857. John had been living in the U.S. for several years, when he returned briefly to marry Anne. The couple then set off for the U.S. together. All of their children were born in Iowa and Minnesota. The couple finally settled with their family in Alton, Iowa. Anna lived to be nearly 90 years old, and she is buried in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery in Alton.

Anne Marie's Parents

Peter Weber and Catherine Barthel

Although many records state "Pierre" Weber, which was common for French-speaking Luxemburg, Anne's father always signed his name as "Peter". Peter was born in Contern, Luxemburg, on March 7, 1806. His parents were Peter Weber and Anna Maria Esper.

Anne Catherine Barthel was born in Sandweiler, Luxemburg, on March 16, 1813. Her parents were Jean Barthel and Susanne Olsem.

The marriage record from Sandweiler, Luxemburg for Peter Weber to Anne Catherine Barthel on January 25, 1832 confirms both the parents of each (Anne Marie's grandparents), as well as their birth location.

The 1843 Luxemburg census for Sandweiler, the first available for Luxemburg, has the following persons living at one residence:

  • Barthel Jean, 59 years old, born in Lintgen
  • Olsem Susanne, 64 years old, born in Fischbach
  • Weber Pierre, 33 years old, born in Contern
  • Barthel Catherine, 28 years old, born in Sandweiler
  • Weber Michel, 6 years old
  • Weber Jean Michel, born 1 June 1842
  • Weber Anne Marie, 10 years old
  • Weber Maria, 8 years old
  • Weber Madelaine, born in October 1839

The full family was still together in the 1847 census, with another daughter, Catherine, who was 6 months old. The matriarch, Susanne, was not listed in the 1849, and patriarch, Jean, was missing by the 1852 census.

Pulling together the census information, as well as actual brith record information, the following were the children of Peter Weber and Anne Catherine Barthel

  • Anne Weber, b. 8 Jan 1833
  • Marie Weber, b. 30 Jul 1835
  • Michel Weber, b. 6 Aug 1837
  • Magdalena Weber, b. 30 Sep 1839
  • Henrich Weber, b. 2 Jun 1842, d. 17 Aug 1842
  • Jean Michel Weber, b. 2 Jun 1842
  • Jean Pierre Weber , b. 30 Nov 1844, d. 20 Dec 1864
  • Catherine Weber , b. 12 Jun 1847, d. 11 Jan 1848
  • Elisabeth Weber , b. 12 Jan 1850
  • Nicolas Weber , b. 30 May 1853

Peter Weber died in Sandweiler on December 31, 1857.

Catherine Barthel died in Sandweiler on September 23, 1889.

Anne Marie's Grandparents

Peter Weber and Anna Maria Esper

Petrus Weber was born in Syren, Contern, Luxemburg on October 27, 1765. His parents were Petri Weber and Anna Seuvert.

Anna Maria Esper was born in Contern, Luxemburg on September 23, 1774. Her parents were Nicolai Esper and Ewa Schwarmes.

Petrus Weber of Syren and Anna Maria Esper of Contern were married in Contern on February 26, 1794. Petrus' parents were listed as Petrus Weber and Anna Seiwert, while Anna Maria's parents were Nicolaus Esper and Eva Schwarmes. Petrus' profession is listed as a "Bauer" or farmer.

Children of Petrus and Anna Maria include:

  • Anna Weber, b. 12 Nov 1795
  • Anna Maria Weber, b. 1 Feb 1798
  • Jean Weber, b. an 9
  • Nicolas Weber, b. an 10
  • Marguerithe Weber, b. 17 Fructidor an 11
  • Pierre Weber, b. 7 Mar 1806
  • Catharine Weber, b. 15 Jan 1809

Pierre Weber died on November 28, 1824 in Contern.

Anna Maria Esper died on January 10, 1842 in Contern.

Jean Barthel and Susanne Olsem

The marriage record of Peter Weber and Catherine Barthel listed Catherine's parents as Joannes Barthel and Susanna Olsem. This is also consistent with the 1843 Luxemburg census that has Peter and Catherine living with Jean Barthel and Susanne Olsem. The census lists Jean Barthel as 59 years old and born in Lintgen. Susanne Olsem is 64 years old and born in Fischbach.

Susanne Olsem was born in Fischbach, Luxemburg on 24 Jun 1779. Her parents were Nicolaus Olsem and Maria Strofser.

Joannes Bartel was born in Lintgen (Mersch), Luxemburg on 17 Oct 1781. His parents were Nicolai Bartel and Margaritha Bous.

Jean Barthel of Lintgen and Susanne Olsem of Sandweiler were married in Sandweiler on December 9, 1808. Jean's parents were listed as Nicolas Bartel (deceased) and Margaritha Bous, while Susanne's parents were Nicolas Olsem (deceased) and Marie Strosfer.

The following birth records for Jean and Susanne's children have been located:

  • Marguerite Barthel, b. 25 Oct 1811
  • Anne Catherine Barthel, b. 16 Mar 1813
  • Anne Barthel, b. 27 Jan 1816
  • Marie Barthel, b. 16 Apr 1818
  • Anne Marie Barthel, b. 13 Mar 1821

Susanne Olsem died on April 2, 1849 in Sandweiler. Her age was listed as 71.

Jean Barthel died on June 10, 1850 in Sandweiler. His age was listed as 70.

Anne Marie's Great-Grandparents

Petrus Weber and Anna Seywert

It is believed Petrus was born about 1733 in Hellendorf, Luxemburg, however no birth record has been found.

Anna Seivert was born on December 11, 1732 in Syren. Her parents are listed as Mathias Seivert and Anna Seivert from Syren.

Petrus Weber of Hellendorf married Anna Sewvert of Syren on January 22, 1761 in Contern. Petrus' parents were listed as Petri Weber and Margaretha Koschl. Anna's parents were listed as Mathias Sewvert and Anna Thymer.

Children of Petrus and Anna included:

  • Margaritha Weber, b. 13 May 1762, d. 29 Feb 1770
  • Anna Weber, b. 24 Jul 1763
  • Petrus Weber, b. 27 Oct 1765
  • Nicolaus Weber, b. 18 Feb 1768

Online information suggests Anna Seywert died on 21 Apr 1807 in Syren and that Petrus Weber died on July 22, 1808 in Syren, however the death records have not yet been located.

Nicolaus Esper and Eva Schwarmes

Nicolaus Esper was born on November 9, 1744 in Contern. His parents were listed as Joannis Esper and Susanna Wiseler.

Eva Schwarmes was born on June 8, 1742 in Weiller la Tour, Luxemburg. Her parents were listed as Jois Schwarmes and Catharina Hilbert.

Nicolaus Esper from Conteren married Eva Schwarmes from Weyler ad Turrim on February 1, 1769 in Contern. Nicolaus' parents were Joannes Esper and Susanna Wiseler. Eva's parents were Joannes Schwarmes and Catharina Hilbert.

Nicolaus and Eva had the following children:

  • Joannes Esper, b. 20 Apr 1770
  • Petrus Esper, b. 23 Apr 1771, d. 26 Jun 1771
  • Johannata Esper, b. 1 Aug 1772, d. 14 Nov 1773
  • Anna Maria Esper, b. 23 Sep 1774
  • Nicolaus Esper, b. 17 Nov 1776, d. 7 Jan 1778
  • Nicolaus Esper, b. 2 Dec 1778
  • Catharina Esper, b. 15 Jun 1781, d. 4 Apr 1785
  • Maria Esper, b. 5 Feb 1784
  • Franciscus Esper, b. 24 Dec 1785

Nicolaus Esper died on February 18, 1793 in Contern.

The death record for Eva Schwarmes has not been found, but online sources indicate she died on May 14, 1806 in Contern.

Nicolas Bartel and Margaretha Bous

Nicolas Barthel was born in Moutfort on September 7, 1742. His parents were Petri Barthel and Maria Konter.

Margaritha Bous was born in Lintgen on July 17, 1748. Her parents were Joannis Bous and Elisabetha.

Nicolaus Bartel of Moutfort and Margarita Bous of Lintgen were married in Lingten on November 28, 1768. Nicolas' parents were listed as Petri Bartel and Maria Conteren. Margaritha's parents were Jois Bous and Elisabetha Weisgerber.

Children of Nicolaus and Margaretha include:

  • Maria, b. 22 Sep 1770
  • Adamus, b. 20 Aug 1772
  • Nicolaus, b. 19 Sep 1775
  • Michael, b. 9 Sep 1778
  • Joannes, b. 26 Oct 1781

Nicolas Barthel died in Lintgen on January 8, 1797.

Marguerith Bous, widow of Nicolas Barthel, died in Lintgen on February 10, 1810.

Nicolaus Olsem and Maria Strofser

No birth record has been found for Nicolaus Olsem.

Maria Strofser was born December 23, 1748 in Fischbach. Her parents were listed as Theodori and Maria Clos sive Streiner.

Nicolaus Olsem of Colemar, (Mersch?), Luxemburg and Maria Strofser of Fischbach were married in Fischbach on February 5, 1772. Nicolaus' parents were listed as Antonii Olsem and Margaretha Faber. Maria's parents were Theodori Strofser and Maria Clos.

Children of Nicolaus and Maria include:

  • Anna Maria, b. 29 Feb 1773
  • Petrus, b. 26 Feb 1776
  • Susanna, b. 24 Jun 1779
  • Maria, b. 14 Aug 1782
  • Mathias, b. 11 May 1785

Nicolaus Olsem died in Fischbach on March 8, 1785.

Marie Stroeser died in Sandweiler on January 5, 1817.

Anne Marie's 2nd Great-Grandparents

Petri Weber and Margaretha Kosch

The primary record of these 2x great grandparents is the 1761 marriage record of their son, Petrus to Anna Seuvert. Petri Weber was deceased, but Margaretha Kosch was living. They were from Hellendorf.

Margaretha Kisch, a widow, died May 30, 1763 in Contern.

Mathias Seivert and Anna Tymer

Mathias Seivert of Sieren married Anna Timeur of Sieren on April 4, 1729. Mathias' father was listed as Michael Seivert. Anna's father was listed as Joannes Timeur.

Mathias and Anna had the following children:

  • Anna Seivert, b. 11 Dev 1732
  • Petrus Seuwert, b. 7 Apr 1735

Anna, wife of Mathias Seuvert, died on March 23, 1758 in Syren.

Mathias died January 1, 1764 in Syren. He was a widower.

Another generation...

Anna Tumers was born on June 23, 1695 in Sieren. Her parents were Johan and Magdalena.

Michaelis Sievert of Sieren died March 1, 1730. Maria wife of Michaelis Seivert, died November 20, 1735.

A marriage record on 31 Oct 1719 for Petrus Tymeier of Sieren lists his father as Joannes Tymeier, deceased. Joes Timers of Sieren married Magdalena ? of Aspelt on January 30, 1672 in Contern. Joes father was also Joes. Joes Tymeurs died on July 11, 1716 in Sieren.

Joannes Esper and Susanna Wiseler

Susanna Weseler was born in Contern on December 5, 1720. Her parents were Nicolas Weseler and Elisabeth.

Joannes Esper would have been born about 1720 as well, but no birth record has been located.

Joannes Esper of Mensdorff married Susanna Wiseler of Contern on January 26, 1744. Joannes' father was Danialis Esper, and Susanna's father was Nicolai Wiseler.

Joannes and Susanna had the following children:

  • Nicolaus Esper, b. 9 Nov 1744
  • Maria Catharina Esper, b. 19 Feb 1747
  • Jacobus Esper, b. 29 Oct 1749
  • Barbara Esper, b. 14 Apr 1752
  • Anna Esper, b. 10 Feb 1755
  • Joannes Esper, b. 28 Oct 1757
  • Joannes Bernardus Esper, b. 15 Mar 1764

Susanna Wiseler died on December 29, 1788 in Contern. She was the wife of Joannis Esper.

Joannes Esper died on March 6, 1793 in Contern. He was the widower of Susanna Wiseler.

Another generation...

Children of Nicolas and Elisabeth Wiseler include the following:

  • Susanna Weseler, b. 5 Dec 1720
  • Nicolaus Wiseler, b. 1 Nov 1722
  • Jacobus Wiseler, b. 1725
  • Petrus Wiseler, b. 4 Jun 1727
  • Jacobus Wiseler, b. 6 May 1732
  • Joannes Wiseler, b. 16 Oct 1734

Nicolaus Wiseler died on April 6, 1758 in Contern. His wife was Elisabetha Schusters (also believed to be Elisabeth Weber).

Elisabetha Wiseler, widow, died on August 12, 1760 in Contern.

Joannes Schwarmes and Catharina Hilbert

Children of Joannes Schwarmes (sive Steffens) and Catharina Hilbert (Steffens) include the following.

  • Joanna Schwarmes, b. 10 Jul 1735
  • Petrus Schwarmes, b. 21 Dec 1738
  • Fridericus Schwarmes, b. 9 Mar 1741
  • Eva Schwarmes, b. 8 Jan 1742
  • Margaritha Schwarmes, b. 19 Dec 1744
  • Anna Schwarmes, b. 12 Apr 1751

Joannes Schwarmes died on February 26, 1784 in Weiler-la-Tour. He was an "Octogenarius" (80 year old).

Catharina Schwarmes died on March 12, 1786 in Weiler-la-Tour. She was a widow "Septuagenaria" (70 year old).

Petri Barthel and Maria Konter

Petri Barthel and Maria Konter were the parents of the following children:

  • Nicolaus Barthel, b. 11 Sep 1742
  • Petrus Barthel, b. 4 Oct 1745
  • Adamus Barthel, b. 15 Aug 1748

Joannes Bous and Elisabetha Weysgerber

Joannes Bous of Grevenmacher and Elisabetha Weysgerber of Lintgen were married in Lingten (Mersch) on April 24, 1747. Joannes' father was listed as Wilhelm Bous, while Elisabetha's father was Petri Weysgerber.

Children of Joannes and Elisabetha include the following:

  • Margaritha Bous, b. 17 Jul 1748
  • Joannes Bous, b. 16 Nov 1750
  • Philippus Bous, b. 9 Dec 1751
  • Antonetta Bous, b. 26 Jun 1754
  • Nicolaus Bous, b. 15 Feb 1756

Antonii Olsem and Margaretha Faber

No information has been found on Antonii and Margaretha.

Theodori Strofser and Maria Clos

Theodori Stresel of Lintgen and Maria Clos of Fischbach were married on October (November?) 12, 1747 in Fischbach.

Children of Theodori and Maria include:

  • Maria, b. 23 Dec 1748
  • Joannes Fredericus, b. 31 Dec 1750
  • Nicolaus, b. 7 Apr 1753
  • Mathias, b. 2 Jun 1755
  • Henricus, b. 24 Oct 1757
  • Henricus Theodorus, b. 26 Jul 1760, d. Apr 1762

Maria Clos' parents may have been Jacobi and Magdalena Clos. Jacobus Clos sive Lucas of Fischbach died June 24, 1749. He was 60 years old. Magdalena Clos sive Lucas of Fischbach, widow of Jacobi Clos sive Lucas of Fischbach, died on January 20, 1757.

Thoedorus Strofer died in Fischbach on January 15, 1772. He was 48 years old.

Maria Clos possibly died in Fischbach on October 7, 1803. She may have been 80 years old.