Margaretta Schmares


Full Name: Margaretta Schmares Ahles

Parents: Chrystophori Schmartz and Eva Hamper

Birth: September 20, 1799

Marriage: Mathias Ahles, January 31, 1825, Lahr, Rhineland, Prussia (Germany)

Death: July 20, 1882, Rockville Township, Stearns County, Minnesota


  • Mathias, b. 12/21/1825, d. 05/02/1845 (Obersgegen)
  • Christopher, b. 05/10/1827, m. 11/08/1859 (Margaret Bauer), d. 02/01/1900
  • Joannes Baptista, b. 09/29/1829, m. abt 1866 (Katharina Brueck), d. 02/07/1881 (Gilbertville, IA)
  • Mathias, b. 10/01/1831, m. 04/10/1864 (Elizabeth Fischbach), d. 01/02/1910(Rockville, MN)
  • Nicholas, b. 02/22/1834, d. 05/01/1844 (Obersgegen)
  • Johannes, b. 06/07/1836, m. 1866 (Lucy Bauer), d. 03/28/1921 (Rockville, MN)
  • Friderimus Wilhelmus, b. 10/21/1837, m. (Catherine Schmal), d. 10/16/1905 (Brunswick, IN)
  • Magdalena, b. 02/22/1841, d. 12/01/1850 (Obersgegen)
  • Baby boy, b. 08/10/1843, d. 08/10/1843


Family Tree:

Schmares History:


The last known location of the Ahles/Schmares family prior to immigration was Körperich, Rheinland-Pfalz, Prussia, in the district of Bitburg-Prüm. The Ahles (Ales) family was from nearby Obersgegen and Cruchten. The Schmares family primarily lived in that area as well.

The map on the left below is Rheinland-Pfalz in Prussia (Germany). The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Ahles and Schmares families originated in Prussia. (Click on image for larger view.)


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