Joseph Mayer


Full Name: Joseph Mayer

Parents: Unknown

Birth: September 16, 1809, Bavaria, Germany

Marriage: Theresa Kimmerly

Death: July 10, 1886, Lafayette County, Wisconsin


  • Ottmar, b. 1840, d. 1858
  • Margaretha, b. 06/21/1846, d. 04/30/1923
  • Walburga, b. 03/03/1852, m. 1871 (John List), d. 09/01/1932


Family Tree:

Mayer Family History


The only information available about the origins of the Mayer/Kimmerly family is that they were from "Bavaria". At this time, it is unknown where in Bavaria they lived before immigration. Based on others who settled in the Illinois/Iowa/Wisconsin area, it is suspected they came from the Pfalz region of Bavaria, but more research is needed into the exact location.