Catharine Caulfield


Full Name: Catharine (Mammy Kitty) Caulfield Rooney

Parents: Unknown

Birth: Abt 1783, Ireland

Marriage: Michael Rooney, Ireland

Death: February 17, 1875


  • Bridget, b. 1806, m. (John Kilroe), d.
  • Patrick, b. 02/02/1808, m. (Elenor Tracy), d. 04/09/1889
  • Michael, b. 1809, m. (Maria Tracy), d. 05/06/1878
  • Thomas, b. 03/17/1814, m. (Ellen Ward), 10/11/1856 (Bridget Brown), d. 04/34/1897
  • Anne, b. 1818, m. (Michael Tracy), d.
  • John, b. 1820, m. 10/16/1944 (Mary McCool), d. 05/19/1880
  • Mary, b. 1823, m. (Michael Calahan), d.
  • Catherine E., b. 1827, m. 02/17/1851 (Patrick Killeen), d.
  • Hugh, b. 1828, m. 02/04/1856 (Ann Morris), d.


Caulfield History:


The Rooney/Caulfield family lived in the Ballinasloe, County Roscommon, area of Ireland prior to immigration to Canada. This is known since Ellen Ward, the wife of Michael and Catherine's son, Thomas, was buried in Kilbegley Cemetery in 1846 . Three children of Mary Rooney Colohan, Michael and Catherine's daughter, were born in Clontuskert. And to this day, the location of a house known as the Rooney Ruins along the River Suck near Correen are believed to be where the Rooney's once lived (coordinates: 53.2887N, 8.1547W).

Unfortunately, the records from Parish Moore prior to the 1860's were destroyed so no additional confirmation exists. However, Rooney descendants who still live in the Ballinasloe area are confirmed DNA matches to descendants of the Rooney family who immigrated to Canada, but research is still ongoing as to the direct connection of the families.

The map on the left below is the country of Ireland. The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Rooney and Caulfield families originated in Ireland. (Click on image for larger view.)

Additional Info:

Research is ongoing.