Gothart Bauer


Full Name: Gothart Bauer

Parents: Johann Heinrich Baur & Maria Magdalena Theisen

Birth: January 23, 1807, Scheuern, Rhineland-Palatinate, Prussia (Germany)

Marriage: Margretha Ernst, July 25, 1833, St. Hubert's, Duppach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Prussia (Germany)

Death: August 3, 1873, Rockville Township, Stearns County, Minnesota


  • Hubert, b. 1834, d. 01/17/1845
  • Margaretha, b. 05/25/1835
  • Anna Maria, b. 01/29/1837, d. 1/6/1839
  • Peter, b. 06/08/1838
  • Johann, b. 05/07/1840
  • Magdalena, b. 11/21/1841
  • Elisabeth, b. 05/23/1843
  • Gertrud, b. 03/27/1845
  • Lucia, b. 09/26/1846, m. 06/06/18 (John Ahles), d. 07/22/1913
  • Johann Peter, b. 09/28/1848
  • Michael, b. 05/05/1850
  • Anna Catherina, b. 05/04/1852
  • Nikolaus, b. 04/10/1854
  • Mathias, b. 06/01/1856


Family Tree:

Bauer History


The last known location of the Bauer/Ernst family prior to immigration was in Auel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Prussia. Auel records resided with Duppach and Steffeln at various times. The Bauer(Baur) family was from nearby Scheuern, though one set of grandparents were about 30 miles away in Urmersbach. The Ernst family primarily lived around Auel, with some ancestors in Berlingen and others in B├╝desheim.

The map on the left below is Rheinland-Pfalz in Prussia (Germany). The map on the right is the zoomed-in area where the Bauer and Ernst families originated in Prussia. (Click on image for larger view.)

Gothart's Parents

Johann Heinrich Baur and Magdalena Theisen

Gotthard's parents were Johann Heinrich Baur, commonly Gans, and Maria Magdalena Theisen of Scheuern.

Maria Magdalena Theisen was born on June 1, 1777 in Urmersbach, Prussia. Her parents were Stephani Theissen and Lucia Wagners.

Magdalena Theisen Baur from Auel died on April 14, 1839. Her age was listed as 69 years. She was the widow of Joannis Henrici Bauer, a farmer.

Additional information on Johann Heinrich Bauer has not been found yet.

Gothart's Grandparents

Stephani Theissen and Lucia Wagners

On March 18, 1760, Stephani Theissen and Lucia Wagners from Urmersbach were married.

Stephani and Lucia had the following children:

  • Joannes, b. 28 Feb 1763
  • Anna, b. 1 Feb 1765
  • Joannes Petrus, b. 3 May 1767
  • Joannes, b. 19 Feb 1770
  • Mathias, b. 24 Oct 1773
  • Maria Magdalena, b. 1 Jun 1777
  • Anna Maria, b. 8 Jun 1783